1. I think we have all established my poor spelling and choice of grammar for this post and for that i apologise, i should be put in the category of the rude people jumping the QUEUES

  2. It sounds to me like you are both on separate pages in life and although there has been some compromises between you both, you still end up arguing/falling out and i think that's because no matter how hard you try, how much effort you put into someone- if you are on a different path of life to them, you will always be on a different path no matter what you try together.

  3. I use Starry Mart, delivery within 2 days. Will try others as well to compare services, but good experience so far.

  4. We've also got Korea Foods / Seoul Plaza in the UK - looks like they have online ordering too;

  5. Whenever they are comfortable enough to, no rush in moving out, i say make the most of it

  6. Ive also seen someone put empty chocolate bars and banana peel on the belt to pay and just say "I've eaten these already but happy to pay" as if they are being kind by paying..

  7. It might be an issue with bananas. If they are loose, so not in a bag, then some shops price these and other fruit/veg by weight. How do you weigh a banana that's already been eaten?

  8. Do you need someone to talk to? Have you been to your gp? DM me if you need support as you are clearly in the middle of a total breakdown

  9. when i stop putting my chocolate in the fridge i will then seek support, who do you go to?

  10. Thanks all for your ideas! they all sound great! love the idea of adding chorizo to a chili <3

  11. Also portuguese chorizo which is the best

  12. I have the same Chromebook as you an sky go works fine fine me. Ive been watching football on it for the past 2 hours. Have you tried reinstalling?

  13. Thankyou! ill have a look at this, ive always wanted to try it :)

  14. May I suggest the Maangchi recipe. My wife loves Japchae and I made Maagnchis recipe for her this week and she loved it.

  15. So he shares the tenancy with other people who live there? Do you know what kind of tenancy he has, and how long he's been there? What I'm getting at is that the landlord can't just end a fixed term tenancy because he's selling, and there is a legal process that must be followed to evict tenants. It would be worth checking if all this has been done correctly because if it hasn't, the eviction could be illegal, or there may be longer than three months for him to get out, which could help him.

  16. Thanks so much for all the information, its all very helpful. Im not 100% sure on the answers to most of the questions you have asked other than its a house share so its just the room thats his and there are others living there with just the room and all share the kitchen, bathroom etc.

  17. I'd like to know too, I also just got a Lenovo chromebook and experiencing the same. Can't find Hulu either, but I do have HBO Max and Peacock.

  18. We are just using Netflix from the browser as it runs with really low quality if you manage to download the app, but you can pin the browser one to the task bar so it works exactly like the app but on the browser instead

  19. Okay thankyou all, we are using the web browser, thanks for all your advice :)

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