1. Heyy.., I’m 2020 pass out From Ramaiah- MCA • HMU

  2. Marinade 5 cloves garlic 1 inch ginger 2 chilis 12 cashews 10 almonds Make a paste of all above ingredients using a blender

  3. Yummy I love a good cheesecake, I have a cherry cheesecake recipe that is to die for let me know if you want it.

  4. Yes Please, I’d love to try that.. please share the recipe. Much appreciated !!

  5. It wasn’t that crumbly - kind of thick mousse texture

  6. Ha ha … Let me tell you that’s Sarsoo ka saag ( mustard leaves) not what you thought Palak 😆

  7. Why be so dogmatic about food. Most dishes we have, including croissants, came about because someone decided to mess with some previous recipe.

  8. Hello, what did you use for the jjajang sauce? Looks very delicious !

  9. I usually have enough sauce so that you can barely see the noodles.

  10. I had this in munnar Kerala, it is having a different taste it's sweet and spicy at the same time. I loved that.

  11. Is there any uniquely Indian twist on this dish? Fusion cooking is allowed, but posts here need to have some uniquely Indian ingredients or cooking methods. It looks amazing, but if it's Korean food it would be better posted to

  12. Don't mind me saying but this isn't remotely Indian, not Indian at all...

  13. Hey… I agree.. I posted cz.. for the efforts I put in making it

  14. I randomly take 6-7 cabbage purple leaves - with 2 ltr of water . Boil it for 10-12 mins.. so it would be left around 1.5 ltrs of cabbage water . Now add sugar and mix it well..

  15. It’s a Mousse made from millets powder, and I have cut the biscuits in ring shape … To look like a Saturn ring.

  16. You’re never gonna be able to buy a house if you keep eating those!

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