1743 map of Australia

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  1. There is a podcast called 177 nations of Tasmania which talks to Tasmanians with different cultural or national backgrounds. That would be a great place to start.

  2. Why bother reviving such an epic universe after so many years just to end it after 2 seasons. Maybe if they screwed it up it would make sense but I think they’ve done a great job of creating a new gen of characters while incorporating the old. Seems silly just to end it now.

  3. Yeah I thought that for a while too. I think it lasted for a few years. Then one day I listened to it and was blown away and wondered wtf I was thinking. Eventually I realised that my need for a particular album comes in waves. Sometimes Lateralus is the best album ever, sometimes it’s Salival, sometimes it’s Opiate…. etc. Sometimes it’s all of them. It’s why I hate all those “what’s the best tool album.. song.. etc. etc.”

  4. They scan your ticket when you buy something. They put a limit on what you can buy.

  5. Almost crying looking at this and wondering when all this crap will be over so they can come back down to Australia :(

  6. How short sighted are you people??

  7. Man what a tease dude! I wanted to hear the song drop so bad lol. I've never seen opiate live but really REALLY want to.

  8. Fascinating! Interesting that Diemens Land was both north and south! I only knew it as what is now Tassie. Also interesting that Mariah’s Island remains that to this day. Would be keen to know who the namesake is!

  9. I call BS. If you had every everything you’d want every heart too.

  10. Broccoli. Shit has a shelf life of a day and a half before it becomes a big brown stinky mush in your fridge.

  11. Wasn’t she also Mulan? She looks great

  12. She was Mulan in the animated movies not the live action just FYI

  13. Oh my god.. this just broke my brain a bit.. it's how their gameplay functions, but backwards...

  14. Woah I love this. The final weapon to hide would be the master sword and that’s all you’d have to defeat the final boss. Then at the end you’d put the sword back in its resting place, and retire with Zelda.

  15. Any except SGU. Stop saying you’d like to see it finished properly. It should never have begun…

  16. Ohhh I remember that feeling. Keep hold of it. Remember it. You will move past it and all the shit that came with it but one day something will remind you of it and you will realise how shit things were and how great they have become. Best. Feeling. Ever.

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