1. I understand rotation but ignoring dread, snagging rotom for backup to take second goal won me a game just last night.

  2. 1st Dred > 1st Rotom, 2nd Dred > 2nd Rotom, 3rd Rotom < 3rd Dred

  3. Not just harder,also a lot more strategic and thoughtful about career,continuous learning and improving,networking. I don't feel bad at all making much more than median,because the median Aussie are just coasting compared to me

  4. Equally, you shouldn't feel bad about getting taxed more. You need to be, because all those coasting median earning workers are doing all the things around you that you need done so you do what you do.

  5. I'm asked to be taxed at 32.5%, same as them, rather than 45%, which I consider unfair, especially since I'm eligible for almost zero government services as a foreigner.

  6. Call it the cost of welcoming you to do business here then.

  7. If you go into a lobby you don't get the giant pop up blocking you. Can then do whatever you want.

  8. Oof bad advice, depending on your income/ HECS repayment bracket, you could be hit with a big bill come tax time

  9. I don't think you've understood. How would paying extra tax lead to a bill?

  10. I know Mike is a left-liberal in real life but I didn’t get that impression at all, I got the sense he really respects Lenin’s no-nonsense approach to revolution, at least until about 1920.

  11. Mike lowkey can't stand people who won't make a decision or act decisively. Certainly those are not traits Lenin had.

  12. I wanna be all warm and fuzzy, but also bit suss they have it on their quick wheel...

  13. You throw out phone and laptops after 3years Max. Same with evs. V8 patrol much better range on open road.

  14. I don't think I know one person that lives within 10 minutes of work. Of those that aren't WFH anyway.

  15. Counterpoint. Orange threw. If you're that far ahead, go Asian score meta. Roll up as 5 and dunk at 1:59. Doesn't matter if you lose Zap, if you start the final stretch by pushing your lead from 300 to 800 points you lock the game off.

  16. I appreciate everyone's insight here, looks like it's right to be cautious! One thing I can't find for certain is how a fastener will fail once over torqued? For example if a bolt will always shear before its threads are stripped, then maybe it's not important to be so conservative to protect the threads as the amount of material around the female threads is much larger than across the diameter of the bolt?

  17. Do some joint testing. The most likely failure method with lower grade tapped threads is going to be the tapped side stripping. But really can only verify it with a sufficiently large sample size of tested joints.

  18. Doesn't only 1 of these 3 photos show you on top?

  19. We was Shell yeah in the season we was in d2 both us and whomp out grinded the clubs in the higher division

  20. Dupes, 3 zubats and 2 butterfree? W h y ?

  21. 2 Zubats. Different mons from the evolutionary line are fine, so can have Zubat and Crobat together.

  22. Feel free. I always hated that evo line, flip flopped on which is was, then decided that I couldn't be bothered to look it up and was fine with the coin flip. So happily noted!

  23. I dont understand how you can "refinance" later on, and get the $250K back?

  24. House worth 1 mil. Plans to borrow 800k. Bank A offers 500k, OP must secure 300k balance. Does so. Says F you bank A, goes to Bank B, they look at his salary plus commission, and the 1 mil asset and offer 800k (hopefully).

  25. From what I've heard from brokers, you make up some crappy story so the bank can put it on file. Oh I'm refinancing my home to free up $300k cash so I can

  26. That was my thinking. If you can cover repayments and have the collateral they wouldn't care ultimately.

  27. I work in a role that could feasibly be 6 or 7 in 10 WFH, and with proper division of labour (ie: hiring techs to pick up the hands on work and processes to keep it all straight) could easily be FT WFH. The reasons it wouldn't be offshored (in my mind) are as follows:

  28. Probably losing our academy location to a bunch of dog walkers who don't even use it.

  29. That's the one. If it had been an AFL Club proposing it the locals would have fallen over themselves. But nope, Wogball is a no go.

  30. 2009/10 Grand Final loss at home to Sydney. Hurt worse than any other. Muscat's damn donk sound effect and Marvin Angulo's pathetic kick.

  31. Ey pal. Do you use discord? Feel free to DM me if you do and I can send you my discord details. I'm also OCE.

  32. I could really go for a hundred episodes on the Napoleonic era to tack on the the end of his excellent French Revolution season of Revolutions.

  33. The Age of Napoleon is 99 episodes in and is pretty excellent.

  34. Its crazy that it has been completely illegal to build in victoria since 2013. But is also the most valuable property in all of the state. Way outstripping every other housing type, in terms of value appreciation, and in demand.

  35. Him and Patrick Wyman had a good chat around when he was spruking Hero of Two Worlds. I think you'd find in under Tides of History.

  36. This attitude is fine while the MLS is equal or less than what you'd pay in PHI. Once your salary increases to the point MLS costs more, you'd be mad to do it this way. You shouldn't foot the extra cost for a poorly implemented policy.

  37. Be mad is a bit strong. I'm choosing to spend my money as suits me. I don't want to support a bloated middle management system grafted on to my healthcare. Obviously it's a continuous assessment, but it's rare deciding how you're tax is spent. Tax into tax pool, or tax into wasted bureaucracy.

  38. I am. I'm paying X to a system i don't like, or X+Y to the general tax system. X is a tax either way. The details of what X and Y are matter, you are correct. At some point I'd pay for PHI to avoid an excessive tax bill, but on the whole I'm fine with paying some amount over to not support PHI. And I'm not the only one.

  39. Just 3 or 4 more episodes about the restoration of the Stuart, then the rule of James that tried to bring back the Catholics, the invasion of William of Orange, and the glorious Revolution of 1688-89 which Duncan acknowledge is actually what most of the "real" changes were enacted. He himself seems to imply that that's the last part of the revolution that started with the Civil Wars and yet he didn't dwell on these subjects. I think partly because 1. It's longer, more complex, and harder to put into one consistent narrative with the exception of the invasion of William of Orange 2. He really wanted to go to the American revolution at that time, which I can't blame him, but still.

  40. If you think Mike didn't follow through because it's hard you've been listening to a different podcast. He didn't cover it because the first two revolutions he tried to keep very limited and short. France broke the dam.

  41. What would it add? Boundaries have to be drawn somewhere.

  42. You can, you get to pick your Striker and when you load in you get 3 random ungeared characters. Not worth it, join a club imo.

  43. Pretty easy. Get both houses valued. Pick the one that grew more over the period. If it's your main home, no reason to sell the unit. If it's the unit, make your decision. But not like you lose money holding onto it longer, you just pay tax on profit. But it's still profit!

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