1. I know you wish things were different I wish things were different but they ain’t

  2. New rumor hints that water may in fact be wet

  3. Woah that’s a big statement to make be very careful you’ll get people excited

  4. Not gonna happen the table will turn and Naughty Dog will be the ones telling Bungie to tone it down cause it’s not good enough

  5. Man I hope we get some gameplay soon on N.Gin and the other characters we haven’t seen yet

  6. Can’t wait to get some gameplay on N.Gin

  7. Next showcase is very clearly May, June 2024. Where we'll probably get to see some of either Concord, Marathon, or Fairgame gameplay etc. And get to know about their fall 2024 game.

  8. Man I’d love for Wolverine to be the fall 2024 game

  9. I never played Silent Hill 2 so I’d love to see some gameplay on the Remake

  10. Not fair on us console players who wanna get in on the fun I wish we could get an open beta

  11. That’s Leatherface long lost twin brother he just wants to say hey to Bubba

  12. What if Bungie are telling Naughty Dog it’s bad when in fact it’s damn good because they don’t want the competition for when Marathon launches

  13. Putting on my Clown 🤡 Makeup as I type this

  14. Squeaky one I gotta go full 🤡 mode

  15. Jez Corden "🔥🔥🔥" and Jeff Grubb "Phase 2" hyped it up

  16. We might get another Showcase in September at least that’s what I hope

  17. I beg we see The Last Of Us Factions at Summer Game Fest I was so disappointed to not see it at the PlayStation Showcase

  18. Where the hell was Factions is it even real is it all just in my head

  19. Just imagine they announce Factions and say by the way it’s available right after the show I know it’s not gonna happen but damn

  20. So hyped for the PlayStation Showcase today

  21. This level is gonna be insane getting those gem pads is gonna be a real dog fight and I can’t wait

  22. I’m so excited don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight just thinking about all those game announcements we’re gonna be getting

  23. How’s the platinum and how long did it take you

  24. I have to work that night, the anticipation is going to be the end of me lmao

  25. Watch it at work trust me you don’t wanna miss this

  26. I know it’ll be available after I’m talking about the excitement of watching it live not knowing what’s coming next to me that’s the best way to experience it

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