1. Dopamine release must’ve been crazy I mean every time I do one more pull up than I usually can it feels great muscle up must feel amazing

  2. If you dont know what port youre sailing through how do you know which wind is favorable

  3. Hell hole subreddit where literally anything not going straight down the line with their beliefs is removed. Hold on, that’s most subreddits actually these days

  4. Reading this comment section is really making me believe the world was better 20-30 years ago

  5. “ What can I do?” Get rid of it and pick better pets

  6. Bru why doesn’t anyone use this logic for any other animal.(because it’s stupid) Omg they said 5000 people died of malaria from mosquitos last year, why didn’t they just say bugs? 500 people were killed by hippos, why didn’t they just say large mammals? Examples may not be the greatest but you see my point, dogs are animals just like the others .

  7. Im pretty sure it’s pay based on how many viewers you rake in. Advertisers aren’t boutta pay premium prices for commercials that no one will see.

  8. Literally have never seen a video like this where the attacking dog wasn’t a shitbull

  9. Aint push/pull/legs a bit easy on bice/tricep forearm calves?

  10. I would say triceps yeah but forearms are worked like crazy in most back exercises imo

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