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  1. I think you should leave it as is because these are few and far between and you'd be taking away all of its character and uniqueness by making it "lol so fast race car xd".

  2. Try industrial strength white vinegar in the cylinders, though now that you already have ATF in there that might not work so well. It's a long shot but remove the valvetrain in case it's valves that are stuck, and then see if it will turn over- I think these V6s had bolt on rocker shafts so wouldn't be hard to do. The cooling system doesn't look terrible, I've seen a lot worse- if you get it freed up and running ok then worry about that. Check the enthusiast forums- I wonder if the Ranger Cologne 2.8 is a bolt in, there might be more of those around than Capri engines.

  3. Yeah, next time I can get to it I was going to try popping off the valve covers and seeing if any of the rockers were stuck. I had thought about the 2.8 swap but I'll have to do more research. A 4.0 cologne from a ranger would be awesome but I'd have to bring all the electronics with it and I have absolutely 0 interest in doing that

  4. Rust in the cooling system isnt the end of the world. Keep at the cylinders with atf and cut your atf with some acetone. Something like 4:1 or so should do it. If you can pull the balancer off, they make sockets that fit over the crank snout to turn the engine. They work really well for this kind of thing. Move it a little at a time, and above all be patient. This is not a fast process by any means. Last one i did was a 351w and it took over 2 weeks to finally free up 360 degrees.

  5. That tool, are you referring to the ones with a slot for the crank key? I didn't know those were a thing, I'll definitely look into. Looks like I'll be removing the radiator and stuff anyway so I'll have plenty of room to get off the damper and crank bolt, assuming it's not already totally stripped and ruined

  6. I had an 89 I swapped a 1.6 from a Mazda 323 into. Unlike the other options this one is a (mostly) drop in swap. The only things I had to do were swap accessory pulleys and coolant fittings between motors.

  7. Would the k8 or kl series v6 fit nicely like that? There was a 1.8l v6 in the mx3, and a 2.5l v6 in the mx6. No idea how they compare to the festiva though.

  8. Anythings possible with enough time and money.

  9. Yep! With a Weber style 2 barrel side draft carb.

  10. Is it a 32/36? I don't own a VW but I have a Mk1 Ford Fiesta I was thinking about supercharging with an AMR500 and Weber 32/36 as well.

  11. What was your process for the wheel well painting? My Mk1 Fiesta looks about the same and I wanted to do something similar when I rebuild the suspension

  12. What's the damage on this so far? I've always wanted to put an SC on my GS400 (though I'd probably just use a little ol M90) but of course the very high cost keeps me away.

  13. I was getting tired of the early 2000s tacky removable stereo so I looked up a stereo with a factory feel. I figured it would be very difficult to find an OEM stereo and I also wanted Bluetooth capability.

  14. Did you get the new version with bluetooth and modern amenities or did you find an old used one? I've been trying to get one for my 80s not Honda and boy are they expensive

  15. stalking user profiles, especially because you disagree with someone is pretty weird neckbeard tier shit too lmao

  16. Fun roads to drive on. Almost all of my favorite roads are in KC

  17. I don't recall what the name of it is, but theres a nice place I always went with my mom in north lawrence, north of I70.

  18. Omg the lack of reliability of this monster!!! And Ford provided 0 or negative support for parts in the US. Still I loved mine right up till it went to the recycler.....

  19. These are not any more unreliable than any other 30+ year old car. And you can get just about anything you need other than specific trims and interior bits easily.

  20. Is free to use because I’m on a budget and afford a gym membership to a gym right now?

  21. It’s $10 @ month, but also Hotel California “you can check out, but never leave”. Good luck on canceling a membership.

  22. I was able to cancel mine just fine when I left lawrence

  23. Fear of bodily harm because he shook his stick at them? lol

  24. I'm making a reference to "Silence in the Library" the source of the "Hey! who turned off the lights?" line. The Doctor refuses information by just saying "Spoilers"

  25. Me, I'll buy everyone some food but only off the dollar menu

  26. There's an 84 SVO for sale local I've been eyeing to compliment my Merkur (it's even the same basic color scheme). Unfortunately I genuinely don't have anywhere I could put it at my small inner city house. I wish I could afford a garage or locker somewhere close.

  27. Recently popped the head gasket so I changed that out, but it seems to be running good now.

  28. Nice car. Do you have the original 4 or have you swapped it out? Are parts easy to find for the original 4 banger?

  29. Yep, original 2.3 turbo. You can get just about everything for the engine at most parts stores.

  30. What does this have to do with politics? Not everything has to be a political statement. Please shut the fuck up

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