1. I did the remaining chapters of 50 to 59. I couldn't fit all of that into this post alone so I'm gonna only post the final three chapters to let you all know it's done.

  2. Remember that time in the Loki series where Loki said 'it's Loking Time' and Loked all over the place?

  3. That was a good scene. I think the scene where he got fucked by a horse was better though.

  4. People out here spilling their past traumas and stuff.

  5. So what's the point of doing it again?

  6. "So what's the point of doing it again?"

  7. You just made me realize I should probably change my falir to "Typesetter of Yanderes" instead of what I already have. People might think I'm trying to roleplay as a yandere lol

  8. Not gonna lie, even though editing Kuron's work is an ABSOLUTE pain in the ass, I missed working on their stuff. This is one of the more tame ones they've made. No beastgirl or angel this time around lol

  9. I never realized just how many times I've changed my fonts for this series. I also have four different credit pages for this series.

  10. Not that surprising. A lot of these web comics have porn of the characters so people are more likely to get them on stuff like fanboxes.

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