1. The point still stands that he has a lesser kit than the other heroes mention and yet he is GB vulnerable on miss. You can argue the pedantics of what constitutes a nerf but you're missing the whole point.

  2. Then what's your point? My original comment was about how mediocre his kick was but the rest of his kit is better than at release overall

  3. My point was that he was OP on release and now he's low tier. The changes they made to him and the changes they've made to the rest of the cast has caused him to fall drastically and taking away GB on kick would be good for him.

  4. Even at release he wasn't op, except for the feats. People just weren't used to a character like him and the hate was enormous, and looking back at it totally unjustified. Same thing happened to pirate. Yes the recent reworks and characters made him weaker compared to how he was at release but that just shows that he wasn't that strong to begin with.

  5. So you should be aware that LB does not have the highest winrate

  6. Pre rework tiandi, I don't enjoy his new kit. I'm aware he's much better but idk, previous version felt more rewarding and the chain palm strike, while being reactable was still fun to bait with his heavy followup

  7. How can the guaranteed light make more than an usual opener light(12dmg)usually guaranteed lights goes from 3 to 5 dmg. Are you sure about these numbers? Seems waaaay too much

  8. The opener crushing counter light does 20 damage and only after a crushing counter his chain top light is guaranteed, like how he gets a double light on the sides. Combo lights do 13 on pretty much every characters

  9. Still, it's way too high for a punish. And it's as easy to bait as any other CCs except HL

  10. Are the characters broken or are displacement moves finally coming in to the spotlight for being dumb and stupid

  11. Both, afeera is literally broken for having the guardswap bug and her infinite that'll get patched. LB's impale has always been bullshit but on the ranked map it's always a guaranteed wallsplat

  12. I think your real issue is trying to play Nobushi (a character with no opener) in ranked I’m just assuming that’s who you’re playing since that’s your tag

  13. Stop assuming then. I play shao and zerk in ranked

  14. Fun to play especially in teamfights. Good character with simple kit, most basic mixup that works perfectly.

  15. It wasn't, but they don't mention everything. I also noticed that despite the patchnotes saying zerk can dodge cancel out of every attacks, he can't from his zones so there probably are other changes and stuff not mentioned

  16. I’m fairly certain the hitbox was the same, still glad the animation is restored

  17. I doubt it was the same, I never got any external hits using it in teamfights and I played a lot of shaolin (he's my highest rep even since pre rework). Still don't understand how they managed to get the deflect to bounce of walls but not to hit externally

  18. Use your wallsplats, deflect, and stop throwing too many attacks. It worked on the wm because they were as impatient but anyone who's taking their time can shut you down

  19. LB mains extended their mindset to Warden mains it seems.

  20. He was the only character with a charge bash before cent, he also had his top CC doing bonkers damage (still does), also backdodge bash

  21. Sounds like a skill issue, why would you deliberately deflect a zerk multiple times knowing it won't work

  22. Sounds good on paper but jorm is utter trash and his bashes are completely reactable, anyone with a minimum of game knowledge will avoid the jorm when they are low on stam and dodge his neutral bashes

  23. Now I’m just imagining a needle thin rapier parrying a full wide swinging claymore like it’s made of vibranium.

  24. Shaolin using his arms to parry shugo's kanabo, he got some strong bones ill give him that

  25. Doesn’t shaolin always have a metal gauntlet for all his armor? But still, kinda ridiculous

  26. He does but even with that his bones would be crushed and I doubt it's physically possible to parry such weapons only with the sheer force of your arms

  27. You'll improve the more you play, seems like you're just beggining

  28. Whenever I grind breach I listen to my favorite albums, it helps me not end up crazy after an hour or two. Mostly rap and rock

  29. Nobody cares about your K/D lmao. I won't bother reading all that but I had enough with high level play / blockable bash

  30. I don't have a single rep 70 but my highest characters are at 29/24/21/20

  31. And even if I have the money I'd rather wait two weeks. It's not that long and the character will get fixed by then

  32. Looks like she keeps the 200ms chainlink to kick that makes it confirmed on gs like bp/jorm used to have.

  33. It's stupid if they keep it. It's my biggest issue with this character, makes her genuinely unfun to fight

  34. For bp if you do bash light then fast flow to ub you can no longer be lighted out of it so it’s a pretty impactful change

  35. You just said idk how the changes affected him

  36. Probably won the twitch giveaway or something

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