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  1. I feel like Leclerc has a more mald in him than Vettel.

  2. I really want to downvote this because this is the absolute opposite way I eat cornflakes and it's freaking me out (but I won't downvote)

  3. How do you eat cornflakes? Reading some of these comments is making me feel un-South-African.

  4. Literally the most boring way ever, just cold milk. I don't have a sweet tooth, hate the sugar crunch and hate warm milk.

  5. I'm not sure if there's a way to do this with \left and \right without sacrificing the scaling property of the brackets. My suggestion would be to just use these big boys for all your colourful bracket needs:

  6. I used the FolderSync app for something like this, but I used OneDrive or Google Drive. It should work for Dropbox as well if you sync your remote dropbox folder with a folder in your phone's Obsidian folder.

  7. I might give google drive a go if i cant find another solution.

  8. Try Dropbox, it might work. FolderSync is what links to your account in Android though, so you don't need the actual Dropbox/Google drive app.

  9. If you were retiring today, that sounds reasonable, but in 2055 that won't be worth near as much.

  10. I read somewhere that image tags don't work in Obsidian and I never got them to work myself. Do tags with absolute references work for you?

  11. No quick answer for you here, but if you fiddle around in developer tools (Ctrl+Shift+i) you'll probably find the elements which are making your embeddings look distinguished (e.g. padding, horizontal rules, borders, etc.). Then you'd just need to write a few lines of CSS in a custom snippet to override any undesired properties (you may need to end your lines with !important; to ensure your CSS is prioritised), whether it be changing the visibility of unwanted elements to hidden, or changing the padding/margins of elements to 0px.

  12. I made a set of linear algebra notes in Obsidian a while back. I LaTeXed everything up properly, using proper notation and the actual definitions. To link between concepts, however, I included a line at the bottom with links to any concepts used in the current note, e.g.

  13. I almost started getting comfortable with having electricity every day over the last while, but at least we have Eskom to remind us how much they hate us and that us paying citizens are nothing special.

  14. That's how they get you. You can't get comfortable in this country or, before you know it, you've got no lights or water, your house has been burgled, and you've got a giant unfinished flagpole looming over your neighbourhood.

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