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  1. These are not the same. A person who opposes abortion (religious or not) sees that unborn child as a human being. And if they do see that as a person it would logically follow that they would try to prevent the deaths of those humans. This comparison also seems off-putting because a non religious person can rationally explain why abortion is wrong through a secular lens. Where a secular person would be very hard pressed to justify why coffee is evil without using Mormon doctrine. This seems to be a stance that religious people have latched on to. But this is something that can appeal to secular reason depending on ones moral framework, not just an appeal to God.

  2. The issue for me is if you believe god is the ultimate and final judge, then let them have the abortion. God will sort it out as he chooses. The hard part is they fight so hard for the baby to be born then call then don’t want taxes to help the child live any quality of life. In America a parent gets a child taken away if they can’t afford to feed them. The child goes to a foster parent who is then paid by the government to be able to feed the child.

  3. Yes. Mormons are especially horrified by a woman breaking the law of chastity. I bet if you were a 15 year old boy he would have kept your secret and just tried to help you.

  4. Licked cupcakes and such. Although licked cupcakes would be a great SLC based strip club

  5. Is it wrong? Yes but not your wrong. There should never be a stigma around sex. Is 15 too young? Depends. Were you both 15ish and consenting then no. If the sexual partner was older and it wasn’t consensual then of course. Now I know there are sti’s and pregnancy but in this situation it sounds like neither occurred.

  6. 100% real. She will never be free of him unless another man takes her to the temple. Good news is that it is as valid as Nelson being given an award for inclusion and love.

  7. Same group of people saying that we are trying to erase history deny the holocaust and only pay attention to the history of the “victors”

  8. “God revealing himself” the retelling of Mary’s non consensual relationship. Probably where all the s/a in the church originated from.

  9. In theory wouldnt one single government actually make sense. I know it’s impossible because people are shit and would fight over beverage preferences but one government of honest good people allocating resources and funding improvements

  10. Right but these are shares purchased with member money so really after using those shares to grow their farms for profit they donate at the height of criticism. Fuck them

  11. So I can only speak from my experience, but I have never in my time in the church been told to shun another member, especially your child, if they aren’t living according to the gospel. I’m not saying that doesn’t happen, I’ve heard lots of stories on Reddit about it happening, I’m just saying that I’ve never heard an official doctrine stating that that is the appropriate response.

  12. Right it’s easy to say it’s not doctrine to disown or disavow the child but the leadership have stood in public forum and said “Don’t expect to be a lengthy house guest. Don’t expect us to take you out and introduce you to our friends, or to deal with you in a public situation that would imply our approval of your "partnership." “A man’s foes shall be they of his own household” “What does it matter if a few barking dogs snap at the heels of the weary travelers? Or that predators claim those few who fall by the way? The caravan moves on.” It’s not in the BOM but it’s said by leadership which you sustain to direct your church.

  13. Can you provide me with citations for those quotes? Because I’ve never heard those or anything like it from the leadership of the church, at least not in my lifetime.

  14. Nah, it will be a good exercise of searching, pondering and praying. Also it’s not my job to underline the bad for you. If you are paying attention to their counsel and this passed you by it probably wasn’t important to you.

  15. An entire generation with mental health issues chose to disregard those mental health issues and procreate like rabbits. Not hard to create millions of spicy brained individuals. Also I’ve noticed they think adhd means the same thing in everyone. Adhd for me is an entirely different experience than the next person.

  16. Wow. So me thinking equality is good for everyone means I’m terrible at my job? Better tell my boss to ignore all that money I’ve made him.

  17. She probably lied that it was for a wake in the review to gain sympathy. It was someone who probably wanted her Super Bowl party to be catered and was upset that she wasn’t prioritized.

  18. Ah yes patriarchy panties. I had completely stopped wearing the tops with the excuse of my job was ruining them and they are “sacred”. Bottoms I wore until the day my wife said it was fine if I didn’t believe. She read CES letter for like five minutes and walked into the bedroom to remove hers. She said they started to suffocate her as the truth become apparent

  19. I think I’m way too far from religion for half these comments to not bug me. Masturbation is not bad. It’s not your business if your partner does it unless they share that with you m. It’s not cheating and honestly the older you get the more difficult it is to do without visual stimulation. If porn is a betrayal to you then you might want to consider being the visual stimulation by whatever means you decide but enforcing regulations on your partners body is not setting boundaries it’s demanding obedience just like a church. Take this how you want comment if you want I don’t care to argue.

  20. If it’s not a big deal, then you can stop looking at it. If not, then say goodbye to your marriage. She deserves to have her boundaries met.

  21. Only if all forms of media she consumes is just as pure. My wife reads Spivey books and never once while tbm did am she think that was the same stimulation as a sex scene on a movie.

  22. Or they can stay in their racist, misogynistic, homophobic and xenophobic bubble and I don’t have to coddle them for being that way. Florida and Tennessee are a perfect example of religious conservatives not being made uncomfortable.

  23. For real though, this is exactly what Mom is going to say. Doesn't matter if he never actually commits any "sins," she doesn't even want him thinking those thoughts. How can she go on with her day when she knows her little boy is out there looking at all these skin-baring temptresses all day, and THINKING THOUGHTS?

  24. “Isn’t it important that I make a good decision because I’m a good person mom? If I remove every obstacle one day I won’t know how to overcome those obstacles. Like this situation. If I can’t be respectful and control my actions while working with females no matter the clothing. How am I going to be faithful in my marriage one day if I have female coworkers.”

  25. oh right there are no cartels gangs or otherwise. You should move to Juarez the weather is phenomenal.

  26. Look mother fucker I gave data that immigrants aren’t the main cause of fentanyl crossing the border. The conversation was about immigrants. Your bullshit response can fuck off along with you

  27. since you're yoo stupid to run a country lets use your home as an example. do you lock your doors? yes. 99% of the people who come to your front door cause you no worries yet you leave your doors locked why? bc you know that one guy, that one time, might fuck you up. yet you think the doors to the entire country should be left wide open.. bc people have it worse than you. wait but how many random people do you let into your home for a meal? none. shut up.

  28. Disappointment is not your concern. Living your life for the approval of your parents will leave you with an extreme sense of identity crisis as an adult not to mention depression and imposter syndrome. Be brave now so that you can begin to heal. Learn boundaries and how to accept being looked at as an apostate but never let their opinion of you define your internal worth.

  29. This. It is absolutely a comedy to my adult Wednesday Addams brain. I am the externally stoic sort and I ended up watching it because to quote a friend? "Wednesday made your jokes." There's tons of subtle humor in most scenes. They did a good job of allowing the serious moments to be serious (except for when the CGI Hyde was on screen that shit is just hilarious and adorable.)

  30. I feel like the folks who don’t see it as a comedy are also not exposed to Wes Anderson, the Coen brothers, Guy Ritchie or Quentin Tarantino

  31. Is it voice activated? My hips hurt and I need to stretch out bad. I said “I hate Donald Trump” and nothing happened. Is it a beetlejuice situation?

  32. Free porn is often unethical because A performers aren’t paid fairly because it’s uploaded to a tube site and B they could be extorted or trafficked women. I’m guessing the bottom panel is referring to only fans style porn where all parties are consenting and the performer is getting compensated correctly.

  33. If you have safety concerns don’t go. Don’t put yourself in danger to make someone else comfortable

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