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  1. But de facto she was elected because most people in these sort of countries treat it like a presidential election even when it's not. I also live in a country where no one elects the prime minister yet Scott Morrison was the biggest reason that local MPs of the Liberal party lost their seats.

  2. No...she became PM when Mulroney resigned, she wasn't the face of the party during a successful election.

  3. Fair enough. I still think it's more useful to combine women who had to be elected as MPs and then win party elections with women who were directly elected than with women who had no democratic element to their position at all.

  4. If the interpretation of the chart is these nations are so progressive, their citizens have elected x women as heads of state, Canada doesn't really belong there

  5. Thanks for the response. The Ford site isn’t too descriptive so I’m confused about what the differences all are:

  6. The front panel bags are always included on hardtop, the second listing is the option for door bags if you have soft top. Second row panel bag is optional and imo unecessary

  7. Thank you so for a hard top I would want to add on Storage Bags Front Row Top Panels and Doors?

  8. Yes that's the right option, you're just adding door bags to the already included top panel bags

  9. Indoor needs nothing, outdoor you could use joist tape on the top surface for addtl protection

  10. Damn good luck getting a king to give you his pants. they belong to the king now.

  11. Avoid OTR microwaves if you can it, they seem to be much less efficient at venting than a normal range hood

  12. Seems real spotty and marginal, so many model years listed that should be no different than other years in that model gen.

  13. As much as Lance has impressed me at the start of this season, hard to care or have any pride in a countryman who' been gifted his seat

  14. People have been buying / gifted seats since the start of F1. And yes, getting the seat because your dad owns the team was a new one.

  15. Are you just trying to establish plausible deniability for the insurance agent here

  16. Why use some weird penny trick, when tyres have specific marks in the tread that when level mean the tyre needs replacing?

  17. Sometimes I want to know % life, but I have an actual tread depth gauge... Useful when rotating tires too

  18. Even that won't give you percent, it'll give the depth though. To know the percent you'd need to know the depth when new, which is not always easy to find, and then do maths.

  19. Not automatically, no. But if I know the tire starts at 11/32, currently at 8/32, and needs to be replaced at 2/32, I do know the %, and I do do that when buying used tires or evaluating my current ones

  20. By this do you mean people who support pleasant walkable neighbourhoods that don’t require a car to do literally anything?

  21. It's hilarious what fox news has done to people. I don't even want to live in a 15 minute city, I like space. But the gut level fear people have of other people living in a better planned city is crazy

  22. It was so obvious. They appeared too good and creepy right off the bat. You knew something was off. They had to give the Joel character a reason to go berserk without the audience thinking Joel was a monster. Just imagine if they were actually decent, good people. That would have been so funny.

  23. The way you phrased "the Joel character" makes it sound like Joel is a standard archetype in writing, gave me a chuckle

  24. Its not hurting anything. The water is just being shot up to where the pipes meet and then coming out the pipe that isn't getting water shot up it. I don't know why this post is here either.

  25. If it's a stock exhaust, likely has a chamber, the soap and water has filled up that chamber before finally getting forced back through the other side, i couldn't say for sure it will hurt anything but definitely doesnt seem smart

  26. The air will make a path through the pipes, the bathtub of water in a muffler chamber wouldn't have anything forcing it out , and you'd have to get the 3rd stage real hot for a long time to burn it off.

  27. My wife would just have a look also. Nothing wrong with having a look.

  28. What is this? A condom for ants?

  29. I was thinking the same but realized what I thought was a fingertip is actually a knuckle, and they are further away from camera than I thought

  30. I would say try autocross in what you have to see if you like it. You can't seriously drift anything that you want on the road imo, body damage is expected drifting. When you say grip do you mean hpde?

  31. I’m confused by people saying Rhys has no interactions with the group. He is clearly at their dinner and events in P1. Other characters such as Nadia, mention him and he is running for mayor. What do you mean by characters don’t interact with him..?

  32. As I recall Joe is the only one that talks to him at the dinner, and one of the characters even says "what? (Who are you talking to)" after Joe says something to Rhys

  33. I think the show should have ended in season 3, or Joe should have died and the story could have continued with Love.

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