1. tbh a lot of spotify playlists include songs out of their ostensible theme or genre (and genre is largely a function of style + era imo). I ended up making my own genre playlists out of spite - but everyone’s standards are different

  2. Spuddle is my vote too - I’m always torn between keeping my spuddle on the farm where I’ll have to see them everyday or sending them to the wildlands where it’ll soon become overrun with spuddle when I visit 😩

  3. I’m pretty sure that similarly, nonbinary sims get listed as a ‘husband’ or ‘wife’ and ‘mother’ or ‘father’

  4. This is happened to me once also. I had to restart the day because of it. Do you have parent physical attributes inheritance on in MCCC? I'm guessing it bugged out and inherited the parent sim's pregnant body when they were born.

  5. yeah, this is likely the reason. I had the same settings & the same issue. sims were ‘inheriting’ a pregnant body type

  6. meanwhile I’m reading this post on my phone while walking haha

  7. I've been cooking a while and I've never had a problem with wait staff throwing me under the bus for customers. I encourage it. Even if it's something I don't have control over. You didn't have coffee ready? Blame me. I'm not working for tips, you are. I'm not interacting with these idiots, you are.

  8. real. even though the FOH at my work aren’t working for tips, I encourage them to just blame the kitchen if they’re dealing with angry customers because I’m never going to get yelled at

  9. This is so inspiring, taking my bûche de nöel to the next level

  10. If you add unflavored gelatin it will prevent the cream from separating

  11. Is this available on the gallery? Either way, fantastic build!

  12. Servos can also get sick and they’re robots 🤷🏼 I guess they didn’t think to program the occults differently

  13. I do think there’s a point where healing isn’t as useful as other support utility options (damage mitigation, discord, damage boost, etc) - depending on the fight. Like when a dps has a huge amount of damage but few elims. So I kind of understand why teammates don’t immediately react to high healing done, because it might just mean that your team is soaking up a lot of damage without it translating to winning rounds.

  14. Where is that TV/speaker situation from?!

  15. I sized up the tv you can find in the trash with eco lifestyle, on top of a base game tv stand and next to a base game speaker system :)

  16. It's got to be mods. To confirm move or rename your mods folder delete localthumbcache.package and see if things go back to normal.

  17. I’ve had this happen for any and all wedding venues on an unmodded save. It looks buggy, but I think the idea is that the build type can be open ended; the ‘requirements’ are just suggestions.

  18. There are no rules preventing sims from sleeping in the same room, but if a baby or toddler cries it will wake up the other sims in the room

  19. No. Unfortunate as it may be that you put in the time and energy when obviously they are in short supply, you gave a gift.

  20. Yeah, when I gift a knit (or really anything handmade) it’s with no obligation imposed on the recipient. you can’t force someone to have the reaction you want, so go in without that expectation.

  21. Have you also deleted the localthumbcache file (which you ought to do each time you change mods, iirc) and repaired your game?

  22. Check that the electronics aren’t MOO or alt placed (so the game thinks they’re outside the wall). Also check if the room has a ceiling.

  23. Just generally I feel like she’s committed so much theft

  24. I think it’s part of the uniform for an npc ‘fisherman’ career

  25. we’ve got a trap with a black light and fly paper behind, it’s been pretty effective

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