1. I thought EXPAT means that you are just working abroad and intent to come back to your native land. Am I missing something here? If you are an immigrant you wanna stay where you work.

  2. Ja, panzerkampwagen guten machine. Ich liebe rad fahren, spaciren gehen, fuSbal spielen. Ales klar.

  3. 40 good years spent on this Earth are better than 80 bad years, I agree with you. The point is that a child dying will get to experience virtually none of what life has to offer, that's why people regard it as particularly tragic when a kid dies.

  4. Bullshit. North West for example had already a better life and experienced much more especially more nice things than a 50 years old homeless person that was born into poverty with no or abusive parents.

  5. Comparing the two most extreme ends instead of the two averages is extremely disingenuous.

  6. It was chosen this way so you can understand the point. A lot of young people had a better life and nice experiences if they grew up wealthy, healthy and in financial stability.

  7. To my understanding the need to have kids is a purely biological one. There is no individual benefit to it and the only benefits one comes up with are extremely weak/volatile, because they're primarily fueled by hormone-induced bias.

  8. I thought purely biological there’s only the need to have sex and kids are just the consequences of it.

  9. Oh, totally agreed. I see so many posts here from people saying: "I'm on the fence. I want to be childfree, but I'm afraid of being alone when I'm old, so I'm considering to breed against my will and ruin my life, just so I can have a kid who takes care of me in 50 years from now."

  10. Honestly this sounds for me the same way as „I don’t need to earn a lot, I will marry rich“. Yes. Maybe. If you’re lucky, very lucky. We life in a globalized world. The chances are very high that the children won’t stay in the same place. People move all the time. Sometimes in the country, but a lot of times they emigrate. This is something no one who says it won’t think about it.

  11. Dieses Spiel habe ich auch geliebt! Aber auch Barbie in Rapunzel und Schwanensee.

  12. Right? I’m only playing TLSQs and finishing my daily planner and finished the one already too. The old one at least was finished during the last week of the month

  13. • Finally giving the option to get rid of unwanted clothes either by selling them or just being able to remove. I have so much stuff I don’t like and my game lags every time I open the closet that I lose games on purpose where you could easily get the outfit like PP or CC when I don’t like the outfit because it would clog my closet even more. • Bringing back all removed non time limited SQs

  14. I also think that Elena should have ended up with her current doppelgänger. The guy that worked as a paramedic if I remember his profession right

  15. This. One thing I was really mad about was that she got with Damon in the end. She should’ve backed off of both brothers because she was driving a wedge in between them and hurting both. The love triangle also wasn’t good for her or her mental health, too much pain and drama.

  16. Yes. And this guy worked in the same field as her so they would already have similar interests and they kinda forgot the whole thing that doppelgängers are some kind of soulmates and they always fall in love with each other. I though that’s why they introduced them to the show so he and Elena would be endgame

  17. I disagree. You have the comparison to Talbott. He’s also traumatized which made him a loner and very cautious with people he doesn’t know. I mean it’s not about her having poor social skills and being socially awkward, Merula is a bully. I could even understand if she would be this way during the first and second year, but she never stopped being mean. MC did so much for her, saved her ass countless times, spent more time and energy on her than all other friends and yet she still never stops bullying MC and MCs friends. Something like that can’t be justified with childhood trauma

  18. Also Barnaby's parents are Death Eaters and despite that he's nice. There's no excuse to not be nice. You can't just bully people and then say your parents are terrible people and expect others to like you. It doesn't work that way. No matter what happened in your past or even present, bullying others isn't ok.

  19. You can be childfree and dislike having anything to do with children. You can also be childfree and enjoy spending time with them. I don’t see the issue.

  20. Many people complained during summer and Halloween that it was too much. Maybe that’s why they went low key

  21. That’s why I don’t want to have a relationship. There are literally two options: 1) let him use four body till you split up or one of you die or 2) get abandoned for not wanting to be fucked years and years and years. I feel like there isn’t such a thing as romantic love

  22. Nothing that I've heard. Still waiting for the quest where I get that healing spell, Episkey.

  23. Same here. And the fire breathing potion and I think there was another one I forgot

  24. fish dishes on wigilia. I don’t it fish in general so the food on 24th is always sad for me

  25. I look daily too because I’m trying to find my unknown grandfather and yes, I’m getting very few new matches. Sometimes there a days without new ones. I get more on MyHeritage

  26. Do you find the cMs to be unreliable on My Heritage? I’m pretty sure they’re inflated, especially for those dealing with endogamy because they don’t remove the tiny segments

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