1. I mean requiring surgery to continue to do something does not mean that thing is sustainable.

  2. Guys need knee, elbow and shoulder surgery from throwing strictly backhand all the time. The backhand is less violent then the forehand, but it’s still going to fuck your shit up over time if you’re putting it over 500ft regardless.

  3. I disagree, I think the rate of injury hobbyist get from disc golf form, has more to do with lack of conditioning than form. Much like the hobbyist basketball player that might play a full court game once or twice a week, but is rather sedentary the rest of his week.

  4. You're completely missing the point. For the record, I'll say right now that the government of China is evil and is carrying out a genocide against Ughyer muslims. The initial point being made is that we should be viewing China as a competitor (because they are). Please stop with this bs thinking that because I recognize ONE thing about a country automatically means I'm a pro CCP tankie.

  5. How the fuck are they competing with us in high speed rail.. their public transit has nothing to do with us.. it’s not a competition.

  6. Funny how you're characterizing me as praising the CCP when I legit just denounced them and called them out for committing genocide and being an authoritarian state. Either you're incredibly stupid, or you're not reading what I said.

  7. As someone who has worked in The Villages, FL I can confirm. Old people still fuck

  8. Right in the third Sunk and egg books right? I was confused thinking some dad of Ben Plumm.

  9. Yeah. I recommend a reread of the mystery knight knowing Maynard is Bloodraven. The conversations are twice as funny.

  10. What exactly happened between them, does anybody know?

  11. Being that this is the internet I feel obligated to speculate wildly and claim without evidence that Paul kept mentioning his 5 world titles to Kelsey and she was getting weak in the knees

  12. Marrick Garland may have the strongest poker face of all time. Didn’t say shit while he was getting attacked from all sides knowing he was sitting on all these warrants

  13. Real big “Should of just let me sit on the Supreme Court” energy

  14. 99% Ned Dayne. As Beric's squire, he's served honorably in the BWB. He's also met Arya and Gendry, so is hobnobbing with important characters. He is the Lord of his house, and he is apparently on his way home. DARKstar wants to be Sword of the Morning, but he is of the Night.

  15. All we know is that he didn't serve LSH. Anguy made the same decision, so I suspect the two Dornish pitched in together and probably headed home.

  16. Jamie is going to go full Qhorin Halfhand and eventually be known for being better with his off hand

  17. Paul’s like.. “look at em’.. he’s just a little fella.. how is that intimidating”

  18. Just a reminder to be a good ambassador for the sport: I know it is frustrating, but most folks don't know what the sport is or what the basket is. Walk up to them, smile, explain where they are at and express concern that you don't want them to get hit and suggest where they can set up their picnic safely.

  19. I’m going to be a good ambassador by first introducing them to my Star Wraith.. then hopefully I’ll be putting for birdie which can also be exciting for new players.

  20. Very different sport and cultures. Tennis and golf is more similar in that way. If you behave like Nikko there you are gonna get suspended.

  21. I mean.. McEnroe was only suspended 2 months for something similar in Tennis..

  22. 9 months is a absolute joke, for getting in a official face. PDGA full of a bunch of softies.

  23. Can you name a sport where the players don’t get in the officials face from time to time?

  24. The only way to beat a squatted F150 is to fly as many flags as possible from the bed of your own truck.

  25. Hot take - Book Rhaegar wanted a daughter out of Lyanna to marry both Rhaenys and her to Aegon.

  26. Retractable adds hundreds of millions of dollars. Obviously can’t have a Dome, because Syracuse has a dome, and it’s all we have. We’d have to March on Buffalo and tear the Bills dome down. It’d be very unfortunate.

  27. NAL - what are the chances something actually happens as a result of this?

  28. The chances of raiding a former presidents house without the intention of finding evidence to prosecute would be stupid low..

  29. Trump world very very sure that search warrants don't cover safes is really doing it for me right now.

  30. Clearly the momentum of his huge member swinging around threw him off balance

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