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  1. And don't ever let community discourse stop you from playing a character. Just enjoy the game and play who's fun. If a character is great play em, if a character is shit play em. It's a game it's all about fun.

  2. Exactly, if people complain about a character you love just get them to rep 70 and just go ham

  3. Hopefully they also fix haymaker doing the same if they decide to fix this

  4. Love it bro even though the ornament doesn't match to well

  5. That is absolutely true. But I think, that the wolf effect would also fit really well with the set. But yeah, it really depends on how much OP wants to invest in their Oro.

  6. Yeah I see what you mean, it does not look as big in game but I could swap it around thanks for the idea

  7. No, a lot of people say that, so I guess it's true

  8. No character is ‘vulnerable to light spam’ it’s just how good you are at dealing with lights as the player so maybe more cents are worse against them or they are on old gen idk

  9. tbh i have more issue with range. It's hard to close distance when fe. nobushi is keeping her range (which she should, because it's her strength) while poking you so fast you can't get close to her by kick or jump, which takes time, and your standard attacks have short range.

  10. Yeah that’s understandable short range (especially gd misses) can be really annoying

  11. That’s weird, all I’ve seen is just constant hate for orochi on the main sub and rants.

  12. Shugo is weak not being able to to wield a heavy weapon like its paper like wareden

  13. What if I play 95% knights but one of my two mains isn’t a knight am I a traitor?

  14. Birthday but instead of birth it's reddit account creation

  15. Nice I was gonna do the same thing with Bp and warmonger because I’m not a fan of the conq rework

  16. It's alright. Conq is just the same as everyone else now. Just gotta adapt and learn to piss everyone off again I miss my OS. It made conq unique. Like how BP can flip, conq can os 🤷

  17. While it does sound enticing to me, I don’t think the other knights would particularly enjoy this alliance

  18. This is why we should just team up against the neckbeards, it would be funny to see them be bullied for once

  19. no no no you don’t get it man light spam is overpowered and ridiculously broken!!! They need a nerf now and centurion rework and lawbringer rework /j

  20. Splattercannon from fo4. It’s funny seeing these titans like the mirelurk queens drop in seconds.

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