1. Dude invited me to a meet at Ace Cafe on Sunday if you’re looking for local N friends! I hadn’t run into any N’s up here at all since I got mine.

  2. It was a white Veloster on E Colonial and Avalon, I was in a gray EN and we chatted for a bit at the stoplight

  3. Fuckin stupid clean 😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨 wow!

  4. K. Update. its missing two pieces and a battery holder but I got it for 10 bucks while thrifting

  5. Fuckin sick. Love that you got the N center cover on there too.

  6. Thanks! They’re not the center caps from the OEM 19s though. Different part number.

  7. Sorry for the question, but how hard was it to install? Been seeing this around and was thinking of putting one on with some help from my more mechanically inclined friends lol

  8. If you search Pattyboi on YouTube they have a video of the install too.

  9. Cup mount for large flasks, like yeti or hyrdo sized. Can't use cup holder adapter because it's gets in the way of the shifter. I tried hook strap to hang off the passenger handle but it bangs around when I drive.

  10. The cup holder placement is ass, I pretty much can’t have anything there cus it just gets in the way of shifting lol

  11. Instead of something to go over the big hideous circle on the left side of the gauges, surely some way it could be removed and a simple 3D printed ‘stub’ put in it’s place.

  12. According to the 4 people that bought a Buick last year, yes, it is.

  13. At first I thought that was cringe but the timing of it has made me chuckle lately and now I like it too

  14. The dealer put 0w-20 in my car and said they didn't have 0w-30. I drained it and put in mobil1 0w-30.

  15. I told him if they didn’t have 0W-30 to not bother servicing the car and I would reschedule whenever they had it in stock. They ended up having it fortunately and I was grateful that they didn’t give me any pushback or act like they knew more than me about the vehicle considering I had to correct them about the model lol.

  16. Yep, same goes for practically anyone working at dealers these days from my experience.

  17. It is the DCT, and I was just about to set up an appt for the seat belt recall

  18. I don’t remember the exact issue for the latest recall, I think it had to do with an oil pump, but it was causing EN’s with a DCT to fall into limp mode. Best of luck!!

  19. Supposedly tho the car shouldn't let you rev the engine or go into gear if this failure happens. It's possible that's not it if the car still drives, albeit slowly

  20. Ahh okay, sorry once I realized the recall had nothing to do with my transmission I wasn’t fully cognizant of all the details, just bits and pieces hahah. Well whatever it ends up being I’m just hoping OP’s EN isn’t out of commission for too long.

  21. Ebon Moss-Bachrach is soooo fucking good in The Bear (was great in Andor too, just gets to really let loose when he's playing a trainwreck)

  22. On a 4 hour trip my manual got 38mpg both ways. So the manual is still great on gas.

  23. How?! Lmao most I’ve ever gotten on FL highways was like 32 mpg running 93 octane

  24. Not sure lol. It was a trip from down south to Orlando. Cruise control most of the time in eco mode.

  25. I figured it was that trip when you mentioned the time hahaha. I hardly use cruise control so that was probably it.

  26. If you're in the US, no it does not. Heated front seats and heated side mirrors are standard though! If have the DCT, the remote start is really all you need!

  27. Most people will say fill it 35-36 psi for it to go away but when I had a low pressure light that didn’t go away for a few days it turned out to be a piece of metal stuck in my tire that was causing a really slow leak. If you haven’t already checked for punctures I’d recommend that first.

  28. I’m halfway there and picked mine up the 20th of that month lol

  29. Swirly knives don’t cut straight and cause hella bleeding which is also practically impossible to stitch due to the lack of a straight wound

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