Rupaul’s Drag Race: Ru-visionist history

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  1. I love that this was on the same season as Lala’s bag look and this still gets about the same amount of attention for how it’s the worst thing ever lol

  2. I mean, I'd say they're equally awful if you factor in the fact that one look was brought in and one was made in the werkroom

  3. It's kinda sad that the only queen in the bottom 4 group who won 3 challenges is the least rooted for in that category 💔

  4. The post is kinda cringe but it reads more as

  5. wouldn’t it be even crazier if she pulled her fist out of someone’s asshole and it was just gone? like if her hand had just disappeared

  6. Es tulle favric? Is Nancy Drew on the case already?

  7. And it's literally 2 of the most debated winners 💀

  8. Raja should have won at LEAST 3 challenges that she didn't win, most recently she should've been in Trinity's spot for the roast.

  9. To me, Jinkx, Raja and The Vivienne are so obviously the top 3 of the season based on their performance so far. It's too bad the star count doesn't reflect that.

  10. She may be right actually. She has been in 13 lip syncs so far, not counting lip sync related challenges: 3 times on S9, 6 times on AS4, and now 4 times on AS7 (so far). That's insane.

  11. I love the implication that Valentina would have been safe as fuck back then just for knowing the words

  12. I must have been stuck in the upside down because I thought Viv was HILARIOUS and voted her top 2 😅😅

  13. Thank youuuu! I absolutely loved how hard she took the piss out of the blatant capitalism behind a lot of those seemingly innocent and quirky dance challenges. And it was actually really catchy too

  14. Why does it even matter what they do in the privacy of their bedroom? They are heroes who deserve our appreciation. Period.

  15. Being LGBTQ+ is not just "something you do in your bedroom", it's part of a person's identity and it goes beyond just sex. Please give them the space to discuss how this war affects that, without trying to minimize its relevance. Yes it should be less relevant than it is, but homophobia/transphobia exists so unfortunately it is something we should be considering.

  16. Thank youuuu that was so bizarre, wish they had left it in. I feel like this exact mistake with the subtitles around the same kind of joke was made a couple episodes ago too

  17. Can someone edit the video of the original with the audio of this tiktok together? Please

  18. I tried to ask her, but I didn't succeed. So no, nobody asked her.

  19. I hope she doesn't read this cause its the kind of stuff that would make me feel worse about myself lmao.

  20. Took a quick peek at, and it seems none of the three shows she has done recently have gone that well. All of them have songs that were stopped halfway through due to problems, or songs that were skipped altogether because of her showing up late and not making up for the lost time (only 6 songs on the setlist of NOS Primavera Sound).

  21. Did you log out and back in to your account by any chance? I've done that in the past, and I started panicking because only the songs from my own files were left, not the ones added through AM. Even after logging back in. But then, slowly but surely, after an hour, everything showed up again like it used to be.

  22. Obviously a lot is different, thankfully. Emancipation is a lot further than it was in the early 80s, and so the public perception towards the humanity of gay people probably/hopefully won't be as easily deterred by a bunch of stigmatising news articles as a result. But does mean we should just take that risk and sit idly by while these articles are getting published right now? I don't think so.

  23. What are you actually arguing for here?

  24. No not at all, I don't think it should be censored, clearly that would have quite some of its own problems that we should avoid. I'm arguing first of all for discussing it in an informative way only, not the sensationalist way it's getting reported now. and second of all, I'm arguing for reporting about these concerns consistently at all times no matter whose health is at risk. I think it says a lots that these types of articles only flare up extremely in a situation where straight people are scared of a 'gay originated disease' being passed on to them, and never simply out of concern for gay people's health.

  25. literally none of the dance moves or lip movements sync up, what 😭

  26. IKTGBGT is easily one of the best, universally adored poppy crossover BOPS of the last 10 years, like what??

  27. So many times after I've listened to a new album and deleted the songs I didn't like, one of those will show up in my recommended mix the next week. I deleted it from my library before, take a hint.

  28. This sneak peek really reminded me of how many winners there have been with uncomfortable/cringeworthy crowning taglines

  29. I had this issue and tried a loooot of things with no results, until I managed to fix it by just wiping my Mac. Not the easiest way but it has had zero issues for over a month since doing that. Changes I make on mac show up on my phone seconds later (or sometimes after closing and reopening the app).

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