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A Karen recording herself have a very public meltdown

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. The Russian propaganda machine works by taking popular left wing issues in the west and turning them on their head. The goal isn't even to win the argument. The goal is to make debate impossible. They seek to destabilize perception itself. Americans should understand this difference. With Trump v Biden there seems to be differing policy and arguments. What Russia does is a really creepy form of mind control. They claim to be anti war while invading other countries for instance. They say its the us preventing an end to the war, as they advance further into resource rich areas of Ukraine. They claim to be anti imperialist, as they literally conquer a country. To be against fascism as they ethnically cleanse Ukraine. Evrything is the opposite of reality. Because if you start there, it's impossible to even argue an alternative. It's meant to confuse and make it impossible for people to even form a consistent argument for or against the war. Basically weaponised postmodernism. The man behind this is Vladislav Surkov, an artist and writer who understands post modernism well. His short story about invading Ukraine (which was published before the first invasion in 2014) talked about a war where nobody even knows what side they're on. That's the goal. He's Putins chief propagandist and thinker. The war isn't against Ukraine, it's for Ukraine, because Ukraine is Russia. See how it works? It's absolute, pure evil.

  2. War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength

  3. Absolutely fucking not under any damn circumstances

  4. Whenever I don’t have slide film in a camera, I need slide film in a camera. Every time I put slide film in, all photographic situations afterwards seem to be bad for slide film.

  5. After 5 years of shooting film, I concur 100%. It can get a bit ridiculous though, I currently have (with me in the car) 4 cameras, 1 B&W 35mm, 1 colour 35mm, 1 MF B&W and one colour MF. Needless to say, I only ever shoot with one but if I left one at home, you can be damn sure it's the one I need

  6. Lol sounds about right. I currently have an embarrassing armoire full of cameras but I have 3 main ones in rotation: A Bronica ETRS, a canon new f1, and a contax G1. I currently have 4 contax G1 bodies (3 working and 1 donor) and while I mainly shoot 1 G1, I always keep a spare empty just in case I need to throw in black and white or slide film on the fly for when the occasions arise. Even though those G1s are technically back ups in case my main one ever dies, I guess it’s not a bad idea to shoot them every so often also.

  7. I almost always have a Spotmatic and a Rolleiflex with me but also have a Bronica GS-1 and a Horseman 760 with a 6x7 back that I use fairly often. The GS-1 is great because I have multiple backs (645, 6x6 and 6x7), so I can take one camera but have the option of different stocks, thing is, it's not the smallest setup so my small camera bag with a Spotmatic and Rolleiflex is the most convenient option most of the time

  8. In South Africa we call them Duwweltjies, which I think means little devils

  9. I've got quite a lot of E100VS, quite nice for cross processing if you like that sort of thing

  10. No, I’m just thinking that this person like others who shoot expired slide, will come back wondering what went wrong. For the umpteenth time.

  11. I have a fair amount of that very film, also refrigerated. Perfectly good

  12. Completely misleading name, very disappointing

  13. Was never really a fan but shot a roll at 1000 at an outdoor dinner at night and developed it in ID-11 and it was really very nice. I wouldn't use it for daytime shooting though

  14. I've shot T-Max and Delta 100 in my Brownie without issues

  15. Our void is barely interested in food, eats her food we give her but we can leave a roast chicken on the counter and she's not interested in the slightest

  16. I always err on the side of overexposure, plus the difference between f2 and 2.4 is minimal

  17. HP5 always looks great pushed, awesome shot and gorgeous void!

  18. I was literally just thinking about that movie! Such a cute little void!

  19. I've always found it inadvisable to give cops any reason at all to notice you. If blow by them, they're going to notice you.

  20. Just in cases anyone's wondering, aapies is Afrikaans for monkeys because 25 years after the fall of apartheid we still have to deal with these racists fuckers. Tsek jou naai!

  21. Oh lord no, we'd be on bunny kicks 2 seconds in 😂

  22. Clearly you've never stubbed a toe so hard you broke it.

  23. Once stubbed my little toe into a plastic chair and it broke at a 90 degree angle. Not quite a snake bite but not fun either 😂

  24. We have a photo walk group in Cape Town, better in a group than alone

  25. I once watched a squirrel kill another one, they are vicious little bastards Rats with good PR

  26. We have regular photo walks and as a consequence have quite a few of me like this. I think they're quite cool, a nice record

  27. Sure, and I am just saying it's a matter of horses for courses. You aren't going to choose an SLR to shoot IR photos.

  28. I use an SLR to shoot Kodak HIE...

  29. What are you on about? So you don't think this kind of behaviour what we call "Karen" isnt a product of american culture? I know I don't know all the nuances of american culture but I find it facinating and disturbing how unwilling you are to recognize that. Just bc I point a sertain distain to a particular part of the culture doesn't mean I disrespect every aspect of it. Bc that "murica nro1, everywhere else are communist shitholes" type of thinking is part of america and is loud as fuck for everyone to hear, eventhoug it is a loud minority we still can wonder how we(you) ended in that situation.

  30. I've found that not all Americans are hateful assholes (obviously) but I have found that a lot less are able to look at their country objectively in any way American Exceptionalism is a hell of a drug

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