Needed $110 to cover rent. Wired my savings into my account. Proceeded to lose $950 and now I’m f*cked..

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  1. We've had "Russians in panicked retreat" headlines for about 5 or 6 weeks. Today was the first day in the last 3 or 4 weeks that the front lines moved at all, other than perhaps one or two little villages.

  2. Ik time flies but i dont think kharkiv was in full route mode on September 4th.

  3. You do understand that every turn has a beginning, even bear market rallies that fail? 7% is a start, it might not hold but its still "starting to stabilize". That doesn't mean it will hold for a long time either. Been at this for 22 years. Either way, my statement of "starting to stabilize" after a seemingly endless move down with a 7% move higher is valid and you're just arguing semantics like the rest of the idiots on Reddit.

  4. If google is anything to go by, 750-1000 total T90’s are/were in Russia’s arsenal.

  5. No, I've worked since 16 and run my own business and have made enough money to trade on the market. Your assessment is way off sir.

  6. Ah so you’re just completely and totally regarded with your money for no real reason. Got it.

  7. Similar thing happened in my physiology class. She ended up blowing up on everyone one day over it.

  8. Russia to ukrainians living in annexed regions : you have one month to take a russian passport (and probably throw the ukrainian one in the trash) or else... we take everything youve got.

  9. Id play along well enough. Take the russian passport but hide the ukrainian one somewhere safe for when the russians inevitably get yeeted out

  10. Very dumb of you, if you are male. You would get conscripted the second you got that passport.

  11. You need $110? I can help you out. I just need a couple of favors in return.

  12. $110 can help him to get back, for example YOLO $110 in GME and then he buys a weekend mansion, lives on the boat, retire at 32 and travel the world.

  13. That’s a multi year strategy right there even if we want to assume it works out.

  14. Anyone with a HS diploma and at least a few CC classes on business should understand this. 6% in 2 days with absolutely no pivot or macro changes?

  15. Pro tip; if they’re a billionaire known for underpaying workers, they’re probably not “one of the good guys”.

  16. Cardi B will soon ask the central banks to stop raising interest rates and it will make news

  17. God, can we please go back to October/November 2021 highs? I swear I’ll exit the market totally if we do 😔😔😔

  18. Just about every idiot says and does this only for the market to keep ripping above it’s prior high.

  19. Soon? Doubt it. Unless i missed something this morning macros are still really shit in the short term aside from Cramer turning bearish(lol).

  20. Cash is trash. It is guaranteed to lose value. 6 months of living in cash reserves is plenty, especially if you own highly liquid assets such as stocks & crypto. Also consider the option to sensibly borrow against your assets as alternative to selling them. They often outperform the interest on a loan.

  21. Holding some cash right now is kinda sensible though. But still a bit of a gamble in and of itself since most people suck at timing markets(so going 100% cash would be really fucking dumb too.)

  22. Well good thing that’s like $7k USD and 99% of this sub is too poor to afford something like that.

  23. Regardless off the made up issues Ukraine claims we have in kherson we will hold strong like we did in Lyman 💪🇸🇮💪🇸🇮💪🇸🇮

  24. If the theatre is empty or mostly empty and you’re in the back then sure as long as you keep it on silent and don’t get on a fucking call.

  25. Also, you can sell your hbar for 1.5M in your scenario and get it into other investments and diversify to clear 6% without a problem and without the risk of the crypto ecosystem. We're all in this for escape velocity. Don't fumble the bag by getting there and letting winners ride the top. Talk to anyone who invested the last few cycles about what they wish they would have done.

  26. Going to $3 seems a little presumptuous no? Net net if it does I can make 6 points owning AAA properties or 10% in stocks, etc etc

  27. If we’re right fundamentally speaking then long term $3 is pretty low. Given enough time and it actually bears the fruit that’s just talk today than a $150b valuation feels a tad cheap.

  28. I feel like you’d have a lot more issues to worry about in that situation than what hedera is doing.

  29. If you are part of their reward program you get a free drink about ever 4 coffees. So even cheaper!

  30. yes true. some people with a high income dont even think of the dent it makes, they just do it. my bf gets paid decently and has much saved up and I know he'd still find it stupid if i did it daily. just depends on the person. but for me personally, with or without a big paycheck, i still think 5+ dollars FOR WHAT IT IS and not compared to my bank balance is still too much for everyday spending.

  31. If Russia is insisting the narrative of this war is in their favor why then do we hardly ever see footage from the Russian side? It seems like youd want to flood a ton of favorable recordings to bolster propaganda.

  32. There was a lot more pro russian stuff in the beginning of the war when they had the actual advantage and were taking ground.

  33. Do you think Turkey will be more open to admitting Finland into NATO, slowing down the quasi-flirting with Russia and creeping a bit closer to the West now that Ukraine is showing major momentum against RU forces? Like, they're seeing that choosing this side may have real positive consequences over the other?

  34. It doesn't help that a lot of landlords on Reddit post about how great real estate investing is, and they often thank renters for making them rich. The landlords themselves are heavily discounting the value of maintenance.

  35. I mean yes, the purpose of landlording is to make a profit. There’s no value to them letting you live on their property causing wear and tear that they need to fix after you move out just so they can break even. They’re not charities here.

  36. I mean I’ve had multiple relationships and I’ve never kissed them the first time. Kissed my ex after a week and 3 nights sleeping next to her lol. And the girl I’m seeing right now I waited a whole night.