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  1. If you put a pelt on the battlefield the pelt lice would be put from your deck directly into the battlefield next to a pelt and considering it has double strike and can be very easily upgraded it means the moment you put a pelt (which is already a very good defense card) you can have a 2/2 double striker for free

  2. I see. I usually prefer playing offensively with stuff like Mantis God, but I'll try out a Pelt Lice deck one day if I feel like hitting up the Trapper.

  3. Spider Gwen and Meow Skulls make this pass worth it though :|

  4. I usually like a whiskey drink called an "Old Fashioned" but I'm also a fan of "Malibu Bay Breeze" and other drinks that are on the sweeter end of things.

  5. The Dinomorphia loaner deck is fun down in Gold when you can't afford another deck.

  6. ... and I can't even dismantle the statue :(

  7. Thankfully I can dismantle mine but I might keep it around for unrated/if they decide to put it to 1 eventually.

  8. "Multiplying energies to divide your monsters into dust! Come forth! Geomathmech Final Sigma!"

  9. A draft mode without the gem requirement could be fun, maybe even a random deck event where you're given a random premade deck each game.

  10. Meanwhile I'm playing Crusadia OTK, so Maxx C won't stop me.

  11. You're expected to just bottle up all of your emotions and be expressionless or always happy. You aren't allowed to cry in public, or show any sort of perceived 'weakness'.

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