1. Weather she's sick or possibly pregnant be very gentle when handling her. If she's pregnant babies are often born in a window of 18-22 days if I recall correctly. But if it's fluid build up time is short and precious. If she's pregnant you will see two rows or distinct teats. But if note it's definitely a vet situation. Either way, especially if you have all females for a chunk of time as cage mates get her to vet please ASAP

  2. They both love to perch on my shoulders. They will actually hop on my shoulders and as I walk through the house hop off on to a shelf or slide down my arm to a countertop, play and then hop back on me next time I walk by. I feel like their human bus. LOL

  3. So cool. If I didn't have lil breed pups that would even more of an option 🤣

  4. Hahahaha! Now I'm picturing a long line of tiny gerbils waiting their turn to hop on you and get to their next stop on the human bus.

  5. Yes. This is the happy talk momma does with their babies so if your baby does this to you...it's I love you, it's I feel safe, it's your mine type communication... congratulations 🎉 your baby has claimed you!

  6. Lol...love how you caught your gerb in the act and slowed the action. Is that a 8 inch wheel? And what brand please?

  7. I worked in pet stores and volunteered at animal shelters from 16-21 yrs old and I've had pet gerbs several times from youth til current at age 53. From what I've seen and been told gerbils may declan over things that may make lil sense to humans but make a lot of sense to gerbs, besides the obvious of picking on sick or weaker gerbs. I'd just make a regular practice of offering treats to all three each time before handling your hand tamed brother. That way they relate yummy treat and handling or at least yummy treat when our brother gets handled. Then maybe another sunflower seed or peanut or something when you return him to distract the over sniffing him...and to reward them being nice to his return. Of all the groups of gerbs I had we only had one incident of Declan...I figure the one female was older and bossier and became an aggressive bully to the other young females. But I did as I'm suggesting to help keep things friendly and all ended up hand tame over time...including the older bossy female even though she ended up needing to live alone...but her tank was kept next to the other females so she could see and hear them and everyone seemed more content.

  8. That's awesome. Ive had my 1yr old rescue sisters and one will take food from me the other waits til I put it in their dish. Both let me touch them with out trying to bite me now( I had a known biter) both are filling out. My white sister was skinny and had greasy looking fur...both look healthy their fur looks great and my black sister has a beautiful shiny coat. I can't wait til they will get in my hand. My last of girls I raised since tiny babies loved being picked up or cupped in our hands and two were kissers...... here's hoping for in the hand tame with these 1 yr old rescues

  9. He's so beautiful. He looks like my Yorkie -Poo rescue off of FL Craig's list pets

  10. That's very normal for males, especially when it's warmer in their home our your home.

  11. Yeah, they take up 2 rooms, we are getting some racking to try and get them all in one room. We have 4 detolfs, 3x 4ft tanks soon to be 4, and then 2x 3ft pairing tanks. They are getting their own play room soon too 😁

  12. We have spoken about giving up one of our small rooms for our fur babies if we could keep it cool but not to cool and warm enough in the winter....we definitely would remove the door too...but for now our fish tanks are in the kitchen and all our fur critters are in the living RM ...so I love that you can do what your doing

  13. I've literally been overdrawn and gone without food for them before, I'd do anything to make them happy even when they betray me an nip me lol

  14. We have 4 guinea pigs one which is a rescue, two rescue gerbs, two rescue small mix breed dogs baby hammy, and a couple small tanks with fish...these are our fur and fin babies we feel the same...we will go with out to keep them safe , clean, healthy and happy. For people who have huge social or tight nit families or who may busy with a social life this may sound crazy...but we are both retired...both sets of kids are grown and we rarely see the wee grands so we love these lil fur and fin babies

  15. I had lots of suggestions for our newest members home set up and about a new wheel. All suggestions were appreciated 👍

  16. He wants to go back to the trade and barter system like kids love to do and some of us adults wish we could still do...lol

  17. That is heavy. But is he an adult male . Our lil gal we got at 6 wks mid/near the end of Feb. 2022. Our skinny pig we got at 6weeks March 1 St 2022...and and Oreo is so much longer and much heavier than her sister. When we compare her to a female piggie who we will have 1 yr in Sept I truly believe our Oreo is shorter but definitely heavier. Wish we had our own baby scale of sorts to weigh them. Our male even with all his hair don't weigh much. Vet had us increase his food his food , Jay and fruit and veggies...and we learned he's much older than we were lead to believe.

  18. We were til our car died yesterday. Thankfully it's not a life or death situation. I suspect thyroid or female hormone imbalance. I had a cat with female hormone imbalance after she had a kitten she got real fat then thin then fur plucked. She's very solid. No barrel under her neck had formed as it did with one old fat piggie we had...she's just solid and thick

  19. Thanks for rescuing Beautiful Beatrice...she is obvious very much in love with you. One of my guinea pigs will love one me like this as I stole her fur and she does the baby talk mom guinea pigs do to babies...vet said she's very much in love with you...sounds and looks like your lil Beatrice is with you. In all my life and yrs with pet store work and some pet rescue work Ive never seen a gerb love a human so deeply... treasure this. It's quite rare .

  20. Love your baby's coloration! Lol I had gerbs and hammies that loved trying to excersise on the outside of their wheels...makes me laugh so hard...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Your dog is handsome 😍!!! I love his name although I've only heard it used for a female. Do you know what kind of breed or mix he is...he's amazing looking

  22. Awww looks almost like he's saying his prayers before dinner or before bed...how cute

  23. 🎉 Congrats!!!!🎉 You found a wonderful pet. Rats are awesome pets. I have had several of them through out my life both males and females. I currently have a hairless guinea pig or skinny Pig, who joined our long haired guinea pig rescue and two short hair guinea pigs, 2 female rescue gerbils, and a new 6 week old baby hamster. Enjoy your new friend.

  24. I was just telling my husband if I ever come across a hairless rat to adopt I'd name him Nicodemus. I actually had two male rats that I had to put down a little over a yr ago and miss them very much . Moses was a grey hooded rat with black eyes and his brother Caleb was blonde w/deep ruby colored eyes. Moses was a mush, and loved being loved and Caleb was more stand offish.

  25. Always!!!and special locks since learning when I was 12 yrs old all Hammys are escape artists!!

  26. I had them from 12-20and then my kids had a few in their early mid teens then I remarried so I got a hamster for me and my husband's child to have something to become friendly over ...she left and I continued to live the lil fur baby ...my hubby loves our hammy my herbs our guinea pigs and our two rescue dogs...we have a few tropical fish and two growing fancy gold fish...we joke we have a mini zoo or ark in our home...

  27. so glad you’re so open to learning! i just wanted to mention that bedding height should be measured after being packed all the way down :)

  28. Started researching wheels tonight...thanks. every book and web sight tells you something different , about wheels, and bedding depth and how you measure it before the hammy and the belongings in, sites stating 4-6 in. Minimum. ...only one I read said to pack it down before resetting up the belongings...so this I think I'll have to take in consideration...but I will definitely be researching the wheels. Thanks for your share.

  29. Np...I just saw several ugly remarks so I thought I'd share a friendly reminder since it seems others have had their yards and gardens invaded and stolen from...again just a friendly reminder to you and others who may read this post...thanks and best wishes with your continued walking adventures

  30. It's a trumpet vine some say pretty some say invasive...I see some rather upsetting remarks...I've had strangers come in my yard and take my beautiful flowers that I worked hard to grow and it broke my heart not to enjoy the plants wealth...can I make a friendly suggestion...next time you see a beautiful or interesting flower or plant knock on a person's door and ask for a clipping of the plant or nearly everyone has a cell pH take a picture...most pH come with night settings or flash...then post it on here and ask what it is.

  31. Np. This plant and another that looks very similar have this sad capability where dad use to live .My dad has past since but it was in the palm part of the state of Michigan.

  32. Be careful where you let them grow...they look beautiful and delicate, but they strangled out a bunch of my dad's baby pines and baby maples he was trying to grow on a piece of property he owned.He went to transfer them to the yard of two of his homes he owned...but half were strangled out by this delicate looking vine he hadn't seen 6 wks prior when he had cut the lot and trimmed . Most of these beautiful seedlings couldn't comeback .

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