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  1. I don't think it is actually. Depends on where you from I guess, but I see way less butts on the ground since I was a kid

  2. Maybe if they just let you bring in sealed bottles of water like every other place, then people would stay hydrated and curb their fun a bit.

  3. That's weird, they made us throw ours out. Sealed and everything

  4. Morning Dew was surreal having all these rain puddles reflecting the stage lights all over the stadium. Truly felt like a walk in the morning dew.

  5. Thank you so much for the reply! I will do that right now. I am hoping to go to many more shows. I won't make this mistake again.

  6. They just got me a new code, same thing happened to me. They're very helpful 👍

  7. Haha Yeah, shout out to that guy! Out there living his best life, staying in good shape, and keeping the energy in the place way up

  8. You can't see it in the stream, but watching Morning Dew with the stage lights reflecting in all the rain puddles was incredibly surreal.

  9. It was pretty surreal with all the lights reflecting off the rain water on the ground. Truly felt like walking out in the morning dew

  10. best of luck and please report back if you find out one way or the other.

  11. Update for you: They made us throw out our sealed water bottles. Not stoked on the venue at all. Morning Dew in the dew was cool though

  12. Yeah I wasn't stoked on this place. After paying $50 to park, it was like 'oh, its one of THOSE places'. Hoping I don't have to go back ever again

  13. Yeah, it's one weekend a year and you have a year to prepare for it. You can deal

  14. What exactly is "one weekend a year"? You think no fireworks go off during the rest of the year?

  15. This post is obviously on relation to the fact that it's 4th of July weekend. Say what you want about the rest of the year, I wont say they wouldn't be annoying in say.. April. But people light off fireworks this weekend. We all know this, and generally everyone gets a pass.

  16. You can be friendly to either the truck owner (probably won't work) or the property manager (probably will work.)

  17. Rarely do i read a comment that I respect so much I wish I could upvote it twice.

  18. 'Hey, look at me I'm Joe. My legs don't work, but I make up for it by having a lot of upper body strength'

  19. You could ask your roommate to put it away instead of posting on Reddit

  20. This is the universe where Loki just slacked off didn't really try all that hard to be a trickster god

  21. Yo man, you need to physically track your money. How much do you make a month? You should be able to do the math on that. Then put all your bills on paper and add them up. Revenue minus bills equals Net Income.

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