1. This the my “hardest” song yet. Most of my other tracks are more of a deep house vibe. Any feedback is appreciated!

  2. Sounds really good on the car speakers.

  3. Posted yesterday and got some great feedback, but looking to get more on this track I’m trying to finish up. General feedback is appreciated as well as mix feedback as in’s trying to improve that specifically.

  4. Something I've been working on. Still in the process of fleshing the whole structure out and mixing so any feedback is appreciated!

  5. https://on.soundcloud.com/75pHpxKHKJk4v7RT9

  6. This sounds really good, at times the mix gets a little crowded with some of the shakers I think they may be a little loud But track overall sounds really good and vocal is mixed very well!

  7. It's not a genre I am familiar with, so take all of this with all the grains of salt:

  8. I like these ideas. Left you a message in chat

  9. Hey everyone - just wondering if the vocals snippets cut through enough on this. I think some do and some don’t but I’m not sure if it’s actually an issue or not. General style I’m going for is similar to Fred Again, Ross From Friends, etc. Any thoughts welcome! Thanks

  10. Love these chilled breaks! Flows nicely. Vocal cuts through. I feel like everything sounds tight. Would add some variation in second part.

  11. At least they didn’t kill you in the end….

  12. Used to stay up till 3am producing. Very unhealthy.

  13. Dude, wow. Awesome track! So much going on. I love it. Going for a second listen.

  14. I was working on this remix for a couple of weeks now, tell me what you think about the mix, the drop, and the whole song in general ! Any feedback are appreciated !

  15. Not the genre I listen to. But the mix sounds very clean.

  16. Getting FX plug-ins. Transforms your existing VST’s to create new sounds. Then use automation with those FX plug-ins. This brought my sound design up to a whole other level

  17. Big fan of Output. Exhale is a go to in all my productions

  18. https://on.soundcloud.com/PHcy3zevdnkEsfeC9

  19. hey there, dig the vibe on this track. definitely a nice soundscape to it and the arrangement seems to flow pretty well. some feedback I have is on the writing and mix choices here. its not exactly clear what the lead instrument is or the focal point of the song so its hard for the ear to really latch onto anything. just sounds a bit chaotic mix wise in places. what was supposed to be the main instrument here? the vocals? if so they are definitely a bit buried in the mix.

  20. Thanks for the feedback. Not really sure what needs to stand out. I want it to be cohesive as a whole. I put fx on the vocals. Maybe cut back a bit. I’ll play with it.

  21. Silence- tiesto in search of sunrise edit

  22. Yeah definetely will remove the vocals that come in at the end, my singing skills are pretty bad when I have to sing fast on a beat lol! Should I still keep the intro vocals?

  23. Get rid of all of them. Too cheesy for me. Would love to hear a version without them

  24. Hello everyone been working on a new midtempo/alternative rock track, was curious how the mis sounds overall ( vocals, drums mixing) etc.

  25. Get rid of those vocals! Solid track without them.

  26. Sultan and sheperd - more-than-you-ever-know-feat-angela-mccluskey

  27. Be patient. Are they doing remixes. That takes time.

  28. Check out Ujam plugins. Might be what you’re looking for. Full kits. Midi that you can change.

  29. Hey fam, I’ve been dabbling with producing and released my first 2 songs ever this past weekend, which is super exciting! I’ve gained some feedback on the first, but would appreciate thoughts/advice on this second track’s sound.

  30. That sub bass is way to loud. It overpowers everything else. Though, Really good for your second track!

  31. I appreciate the feedback! I wanted the bass to stand out, but not overpower. Any advice for finding the sweet spot with levels?

  32. Cool concept. I’d been down to give it a shot. I like your art. Message me.

  33. Check out Cubicolor for inspiration. They have a Radiohead type vibe

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