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  1. Just back today from the Rockaway Beach festival at Bognor Butlins.

  2. I can entirely second this. It's messing with my final day off.

  3. Do you actually think it’s called black tea because it hasn’t got milk in it?

  4. Yes, because you say ‘I’d like it white with no sugar’ or ‘black with two sugars please’ when asked how you like your tea. The fact that the blend is also black tea is just coincidence.

  5. But the type of tea is called black tea. You can take black tea black, or you can take black tea milky. Calling it breakfast tea avoids the confusion, but black tea is still a valid name.

  6. Yes, you can, and black tea is a valid name for the type of tea. But when speaking to a British person it is assumed the type of tea is black ie breakfast tea, so if you ask for a ‘black tea’ you will get a breakfast tea without milk.

  7. I went to Pulborough Brooks RSPB reserve on Thursday for my birthday. I hoped to see the white-tailed eagle, though whenever I specifically try and see something I usually fail. But not this time - it was an impressive sight! Also had lovely views of a pair of bullfinches.

  8. Dolphins - I got all choked up the first time I saw some swimming happily alongside the boat over to Lundy

  9. Crumpets. Granted they’re good all year round, but particularly good after an autumnal afternoon walk

  10. BTO do really good bird ID courses via zoom, and have lots of guides on YouTube. Then get out there and practice, as others have said. Also, sign up to do some BTO surveys - you don’t have to be an expert for all of them - just need to be confident of the birds you are likely to see on that particular patch. That will also look good when applying for jobs.

  11. TIL this is from the 90s. But it’s a favourite kitchen disco track in our house

  12. I’d forgotten that my parents used to make cheese and mango chutney sandwiches for us. Will have to get some now to relive my childhood.

  13. I liked what they’ve developed so far, especially the bookshelves. And I like that they only announced what will definitely be in the game, but made it clear there will be other stuff coming, so that there is some suspense for the future.

  14. For me the problem is a death sentence is quick and painless. Imho it’s preferable to leave em locked up for a very very long life. Give ‘em decades to think about what they’ve done

  15. For me, I’d add that it’s the family of the person that receives the death penalty that suffers long term, so the wrong person/people are punished.

  16. Willow warblers look almost exactly the same, and the two are best told apart by their song. But chiffchaffs have shorter wings - they don’t extend as far down the tail as on willow warblers. So I’d tentatively agree chiffchaff here.

  17. I’ve just been looking at air fryers online today. This post is a sign that I need to take the plunge!

  18. No offense but I'm totally about to say something offensive, just saying.

  19. Or ‘With respect…’ before demonstrating they have no respect for you or your opinions at al.

  20. I’d suggest only going if you have a money off voucher - they’re easy to find on cereal packets etc. And as others have said, avoid the school hols. But other than that it’s good for adults.

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