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  1. It comes and goes like at 00:35 they open a curtain

  2. Really?! I saw this movie like when i was 3 or 4, can't remember anything, will see again

  3. I have this exact pen, not sure what you want to know about it.... Its a pen umm by cross

  4. Wth, i just got a whiff as i read this comment!

  5. You need to pay extra to the stupid game devs

  6. We made a bullshit game, we creators of assoluto racing accept that its a piece of crap

  7. People who do suicide are the one to blame

  8. if it was just this video I would say so, but his entire IG account is a red flag

  9. Medschoolbro? Yeqh he claims to know every diagnosis and he's still in 1st yearπŸ˜‚

  10. In 30 seconds to boot 😭😭😭 He asks far too many questions at the right time for the videos to not be scripted

  11. yeah we would basically have to sustain a mutual parasitic relationship with plants

  12. Mutualism and parasitisism are two different bio interactions,

  13. I always add site:reddit.com to every google search to actually get the answers I'm looking for.

  14. its a good thing actually, if rest rooms are free and in some parts of my country(india) people just make it too dirty, and there is no money spent in maintenance

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