1. No. Skill targeting uses ‘spaces’ - then the amount of of enemies is taken into consideration.

  2. What? You never seen a vat of acid before? Get in

  3. I thought Catholics liked Israel? I know atheists don’t.

  4. You’re all wrong. The chopper is military -keeping an eye on the outbreak. The world outside Kentucky is alive and well. Don’t believe what you hear on the radio. DON’T BELIEVE THE LIE—-…..

  5. I think I still need to be convinced that your system you've set up does something different to what the game already provides. Also we should consider is the problem the draft phase or is it the character balance that some chars become too good with items, people generally find Spike an issue for example.

  6. You just helped with the biggest issue I have with this game. Thank you.

  7. I broke my distal inter-phalangeal joint while goalkeeping during an indoor soccer game (futsal). The ball struck the tip of my outstretched finger and broke the bone in two. The bone had to be screwed back together as the part that was still connected to the ligament was receding towards my knuckle.

  8. Our group decided a while ago to make them a ‘pay to play’ option.

  9. Ubisoft: ‘Thank you’ Everybody: ‘Fuck you’

  10. You’re better off finding a mod that makes cobblestone not require flint to make.

  11. I went back to shogun 2 until the combined map is out.

  12. Do you rate Shogun 2 over Fall of the Samurai?

  13. I think I was spoiled with Warhammer 2. I bought the game when the pandemic was really popping off in early 2020. I guess I got the game after a lot of fixes we're in place and the base game (vortex) was pretty fun. I beat the vortex with every faction (except skaven) before I got any dlc.

  14. Legend doesn’t even hold up legendary as the best difficulty. It’s just part of the arms race between cheese monger and AI.

  15. What does he think the ‘best difficulty’ is then?

  16. How can you be confused, there are three pages of rules. Wait... Three pages of rules for a single type of zombies?

  17. First off, as with all games (especially ones with a Saxony player) do NOT leave your armies alone. Support them with either another mech OR with enough workers to deter an attack due to pop loss. Having Sax win 5 combats is all on your friend.

  18. If enough of your players are experienced with, I like the suggestion in the rules about everyone getting their own 2 tiles for their airship.

  19. We attempted this a couple times but found it to be too stressful keeping track of all different airship rulesets (in a game of 5)

  20. Why not set the cost at $25. As in.. if you don’t think the airships add more than an aesthetic (and different end conditions) why buy expansion at all?

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