Khabib's Father on Conor McGregor.

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  1. Did you train at Rick Spain's school at Redfern?

  2. Gideon sends his peon after us then denies everything. Total bitch. Not to mention his little genocide

  3. After most Tarnished's efforts at Palace Approach Ledge-Road, we can hardly complain about Albinauric genocide.

  4. Mikeeeee do the Chinese Revolutionnnnn heaviest of sighs

  5. I didn't get that vibe. For example if Stalin was completely self serving he would have kept the cash when they robbed the bank.

  6. Use the word "set" it has some 50+ meanings in English and reverse that shit with a "I dont want to learn English"

  7. I can vaguely remember him saying something along the lines of he will still do podcasting, but they will be bigger drops spaced out, rather than a regular series.

  8. Malenia. But Tiche and I were able to pin Malenia against a wall and get in enough heavy hits to poise break her before she could cut loose and heal. Took maybe 5 attempts.

  9. I'm hopeful. For all its horrors and imperfections Ukraine is showing there's still some fuel in the liberal democracy tank. Prime Minister Scotty from Marketing is on track to get thrown out. With luck his replacement will follow through on a federal ICAC and start to wind back the corruption.

  10. Did Trotsky think that this plan was going to work? As in did he believe that the central powers would just accept a peace without concessions and NOT advance into Russian territory? It seems completely unbelievable that he would be that naive.

  11. If they just took the deal right away, there was no way they would have stayed in power because they sold out the motherland. If they re-started the war they would have gone the way of the provisional government.

  12. Socialism or anarchyst, whatever. Cellphones don't grow on trees, who do you think finances the infrastructure needed for you to have wifi? I'm guessing you also have other devices and wouldn't surprise me that you had an iphone or an apple device lol

  13. In many capitalist countries the government (i.e. taxes) finances big infrastructure projects or provides some form of corporate welfare (grants, tax breaks, public/private partnerships, locked in contracts) to companies that do.

  14. I don’t think this is an unpopular opinion, but I don’t dislike the fact that Burns won. Man of his family, immigrant, hard worker, humble. I mean, for me it’s similar to a Francis v Stipe fight where you want them both to win

  15. I'm really down that wonderboy lost. But Burns is a really good guy. He gave Wonderboy a top 5 shot when everyone else ducked.

  16. I just hope he doesn't do a baseball podcast

  17. The best you can do is restrict the amount of time the app is allowed to be used on a daily basis through the parental controls, you can set it so the youtube app is only allowed to be open for 15 minutes a day, that + restricted mode should pretty much eliminate your kid from seeing anything you don't want them to.

  18. Stepsons also 16 and who the fuck gives an old classic car to a 16 year old for their birthday? On my 16th I got to share the family Equinox.

  19. I don't think it's real for that reason.

  20. If I remember right. It will be a combination of podcasting and books. Podcasting will turn into periodic, but larger drops covering topics rather than a regular weekly rhythm. Like hardcore history (which I find over-dramatic)

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