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  1. Hey! I completely understand and I'm really sorry for the wait, everything for Crypticism has been finished on my end so it's on Pixel Empire now to put them together and ship them out so they should be ready soon, believe me, it's been frustrating for me how long this has taken and if it takes much longer I'm gonna do what I can to get these out to everybody as quickly as possible, I just talked to them about how the missing orders and delayed shipments have been unacceptable and I'm trying to make things right, I've seen you've ordered a LOT and I really appreciate your support, if there's anything I can do, let me know by emailing me at

  2. Hey! I'm really sorry this is unacceptable, could you send me an email at

  3. Hey! Yeah that is not okay, I'm going to make sure customer support is more knowledgeable on what is going on and I'm really REALLY sorry on the lack of communication. Things like the mailer boxes and card production has taken longer than anticipated which is really frustrating, I'm hoping these get shipped out this month but this is honestly unacceptable and I am so sorry it's taken so long and thank you so much for your patience.

  4. Hi Scott! I got a dumb question that has probably been answered already but when did you and the guys meet & how did you get them to actually be in Scott The Woz for the first time?

  5. I met Joe when we were in like first grade, Dominic I knew from like soccer in elementary/middle school, Eric I met in 7th grade, Sam and Justin I met in 8th grade, Jarred I met in elementary school, Jeffrey I met at a job me, Sam, Joe and Jarred all worked at, a lot of this is off the top of my head and I believe I answered it before so somethings I might've gotten wrong but, I've known these guys for a while haha, and it all just kinda organically happened, I mean we've all been doing video projects together since junior high so we'd all be getting lunch together in college or be hanging out at work and I'd just ask if they'd be up to appear in a video.

  6. Yup! I originally wanted to put out a Wii U retrospective on the 10 year anniversary but I knew that was just not gonna happen.

  7. Yeah, that was a school project back in 2014-2015 I think? Basically it was just us reenacting the event as we were assigned, but back then we took any opportunity to have fun making a video project so we made it stupid and silly like our others. Obviously considering the My Lai Massacre was one of the most horrific events in history, it was a bad call. The video was just a purposefully silly recreation of a war type situation by a bunch of 16 year olds, problem was the underlying thing it was based on wasn't something you should do that with. I think most would understand we were actively assigned to do a video recreation of it by our school, so it wasn't like we heard of the My Lai Massacre and on our own time went, "Let's make fun of this!". But I don't necessarily want the video super public because of the other classmates involved. I don't mind people associating me with it because making videos is what I'm known to do, but the other guys from high school who were assigned to do the project, they have their own careers and lives now and I don't want this to effect that at all, that's not fair to them.

  8. Haha, yeah I forgot the password to it and realized I could do that to delete the channel. After my Twitter got hacked, I wanted to lock down any accounts I had as much as possible, even super old ones I didn't use. The reason the current Scott's Stash is here is because I forgot the password to the original account as early as 2016, so I just made a new one to use from there on out.

  9. Hey there! You're known for making videos, and about topics too, but were there any things you've tried making videos on that just didn't come together?

  10. Yup! I have loads of scripts back from 2017 that I never did anything with. Sometimes they're revisited though, the Game Collecting episode started as a script in 2017 and didn't get finished until 2020 and it was WAY different back then. Actually in the Mysterious Game of Crypticism instruction manual there are some pages dedicated to my notes and you'll see a bunch of episode ideas that never happened. Maybe check the subreddit around late January, somebody will probably get the product in by then and will post pictures of it. And nope! I very much appreciate the thought, but honestly speaking the YouTube ad revenue is more than enough for me to fund production and live off of. I'm very thankful for that and you all do more than enough by simply watching the videos, so thank you very very much.

  11. Scott Man Fun from Vimeo! I commend you for doing these charity drives every year, I think it's an excellent way to release merchandise.

  12. Hey thank you so much! The Internet and You VHS tape was just something I always wanted to do, hopefully we can do one final edition next year as an anniversary edition. I was really happy with the original release but the Pixel Empire and I learned so much about making stuff like that, you can see that in Mysterious Game of Crypticism, the quality of the packaging is SO good. So it would be cool to do one big collector's edition next year for the fifth anniversary or something. And for Mysterious Game of Crypticism, I just kinda thought that up by thinking, "What is cool like a VHS tape but different and fits the channel?".

  13. Hi Scott, I'll bring up the matter to the head mod as I currently lack the permissions to add other mods, and will try to find a way to get good, trustworthy mods on boards when/if I've gotten them.

  14. Thank you, I do quite appreciate it! Nothing against the current head mod, it's just...they aren't doing anything and I'd rather have this subreddit have a few more mods and an active head mod just in case something happens you know? And I'm sorry I totally missed that message, though right now there's not much I feel that needs changed, maybe capitalizing the word YouTuber in the description and the "the" in "Scott The Woz", but that's me being picky about capitalizing letters which is one of my favorite pastimes. I hope we can get some more mods in here soon!

  15. Didn't he say at the start of bargain bin christmas that he printed false shells of the copies of maden 08 he was missing? Maybe these are those empty shells.

  16. Bingo, that was totally the case and was written into Bargain Bin Christmas after I realized I accidentally showed the games on the shelf uh I mean yeah those are the empty shells

  17. I just worked at an independent grocery store, I bagged groceries and later cashiered! Worked there for about five years, all jobs sorta blow in some way and that one definitely did sometimes but I got close to a lot of friends there and there was a LOT of downtime to just kick back and talk or screw around, didn't even have to wear uniforms a lot of the time, in fact that's where a few videos were filmed, like the cashier scene in Black Friday (

  18. Woaaah, that is NOT at all what that should look like, I'm really sorry! I'd suggest emailing the Pixel Empire/contacting them over social media, if they don't respond email me at

  19. Yeah I agree, I didn't think it was terrible but definitely felt like a "filler" episode, not great but not bad. It was one of those cases where I was really really busy this week but had just enough time to make an episode. I think the rest of the year should be much much better though.

  20. Pixel empire said it would take a 5 days to process the order and 7 business days later I haven't heard anything. I expected the VHS tapes to take longer but it seems to be taking a bit longer than I anticipated for it to process.

  21. My apologies for the delay. We were pretty overwhelmed with how quickly they sold out and I still had to put the finishing touches on the VHS cut of The Internet and You. It was finished last week and they should be entering full production this week however we're planning on including some extras in with the package. It should be shipping within the next week or two if I had to guess. Thank you for your support, sorry for the lack of info or updates, shouldn't be long until they start shipping!

  22. Hmm, I've never put mid roll ads on a video, I think it was just a weird YouTube glitch.

  23. Hey Scott, this matter has bothered me a lot, so I feel rather relieved knowing that there is a likelihood that you may respond to my predicament. On Youtube, each of your videos, as well as your channel name, are labeled as "Scott The Woz," which seems totally fine, right? However, it isn't so simple. I am under the firm belief that your name should be changed to "Scott the Woz". Now, I understand you may be questioning what my purpose is, but it is actually rather simple. You see, I believe that the word "the" in "Scott The Woz" should start with a lowercase t, rather than an uppercase t. This is because, in titles, while most words are capitalized, simpler words like "of", "and", "is", and most importantly "the", are often made lowercase for some weird reason.

  24. You're the first person to notice this and it was something I really had to think about back then. Scott the Woz is the correct way to write the phrase but I do Scott The Woz for a few reasons. Since it doubles as my username which would be the name with no spaces, capitalizing "the" looks better since my first name ends in two "t"s, ScotttheWoz doesn't look as clean and isn't as easy to read as ScottTheWoz. And I just thought the name looked better with the 't" in "the" capitalized, that's pretty much it. Look at Sonic the Hedgehog, sometimes they write it as Sonic The Hedgehog. If Sonic does it then I can too.

  25. Hey Scott, all here! Seriously though can I ask you a question? How long does it usually take to create each video. What's the longest and shortest it's ever taken?

  26. Well lots of videos have loads of work done months ahead of time (taking notes, game footage, scripting, conceptualizing, etc.) and some are done the week of, shortest has probably been completing an episode in three days back in 2017, but it's way harder to do that now, longest was definitely like six months from start to finish with It's Awesome Baby (to be fair, a lot of that was working on and off with the episode)

  27. How did you acquire the games in your collection? Have you been collecting since your were born or have you recently started due to your channel getting more popular.

  28. I started collecting in 2013 after I got a part time job! I didn't have too many expenses so a lot of my paycheck every week went towards collecting!

  29. Hey Scott! What's the best game on the Sega Genesis?

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