1. My Personal Space will be maintained.

  2. "Nobody should be rich but being rich is okay if I like you"

  3. To be fair, he had genuinely good intentions with both, he just executed them very, very poorly.

  4. That and Ahrimen straight up said "maybe we shouldn't break the edicts and use conventional means"

  5. American coping and seething America couldn't beat soviet union in the space race

  6. https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/missions/voyager-1/in-depth/#:~:text=In%20August%202012%2C%20Voyager%201,another%2014%2C000%20to%2028%2C000%20years

  7. These Hands Rated E for E v e r y o n e

  8. Guy probably said something to that effect

  9. The Ultramarines are Roman after all

  10. This is a false rumor from Shot Show that somehow gained traction. It works much more further than 68 meters.

  11. I need to start reading user names

  12. Some people, know what they like

  13. That's an option but it won't get you a discount with the Knife Vendor

  14. Actually the police brutality is broadcasted on the Vox net for entertainment!

  15. Lorewise, I guess there might be a need to put them on the level of Chaotically enhanced Space Marines.

  16. There's 20 years of lore that shows modern marines can compete with chaos I don't think the Primarus upgrade was needed, especially because I've yet to see a single thing a Primarus do that a firstborn couldn't

  17. They look cool, but I don’t think they needed a lore reason to update their look.

  18. Especially because they've just bloated the codex with all these new units that are just Primarus versions of firstborn

  19. Shit. There's a conspiracy theory in there somewhere.

  20. The left [handed people] are taking over the country

  21. Man that explains it, Valdor wasn't worried about his body he was worried about his soul.

  22. I was kinda thinking of that necromunda land crawler

  23. Alpharius: “And now she’s here to fuck us!”

  24. Yvraine: Looks like it's time for the Imperial Fisting!

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