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  1. As far as I've seen only NRW SEK and MEK units, wouldn't be GSG9 responsibility anyways, and as NRW units are fast on the scene I don't think theyd get called as emergency assistance

  2. I know that I am working at a German fire academy that has regular cooperations with the states SEK. But it shows the need to extend the training, as far as I know not every state's SEK is trained with SCBA and certainly not every team/operator.

  3. A QUARTER OF AN HOUR? Seriously? When I had the fire at my place, it took literally 2 minutes for the couch to go from a small little fire to the whole entire couch and the wall on fire, while I was scrambling and stumbling about trying to find a bloody extinguisher. That's why I have a 5lb ABC in every single room now , plus this lineup in my bedroom, plus extra 5 pounders in my closet lol. Not getting caught with my pants down again.

  4. Well yes fires do evolve quickly but do keep in mind that this is a training facility and things do take a bit longer so we prepare the fire, keep it going for as long as it needs until the trainees are ready are there might be some mid training interventions from instructors etc. This was an actual full response drill so it does need some more time, we made sure to refuel it if it took too long tho 😉

  5. Very interesting. Thank you for blessing me with some knowledge! I learn something new every day and today I have learned this! Cheers mate and thank you for your service.

  6. No problem at all, do feel free to ask any further question whenever you like!

  7. Which DirectX you running, try starting RoN with DirectX 11 if you're running it with 12 so far... Helped me

  8. Running 12 atm but yeah I might switch to 11 and see if it helps. Wonder what it is about that map that causes this

  9. If this thing gets hit in the autoloader, it’s sending those two poor souls hurtling toward the enemy lines

  10. One last projectile to inflict psychological damage over time

  11. It also would refer to it as a landmark in that context "I was at the house eating Dorito."

  12. To clarify: Yes it is understandable, but it's also not really good, furthermore, this is not at all compliant with the local regulations on these sort of plans.

  13. Speaking of Englisch speaking germans, you may want to change your flair.

  14. Yeah, I suppose you can't make rebreathers positive pressure. I don't know much about them. Always wanted to try one as a diver, but never got the chance because they are insanely expensive.

  15. It's actually fairly easy as well, to provide positive pressure, a piece of plastic is pushed by springs into the reservoir bag, which provides the positive pressure.

  16. Be the international cricket council?, what does ICC stand for, I only watch cricket so idk what the ICC is

  17. When China is your Bestest Frien, Iran and North Korea are your equipment suppliers, maybe, just maybe, you have made a number of bad decisions.

  18. When you're the number 1 Airforce in the world, 2nd is your Navy and 3rd are your museums

  19. Begs the question, what is less credible: United States Museum Force or the entire Russian Military

  20. It wasn’t a joke and I’m so confused

  21. No, a jetpack is worn like a backpack and is dangerous if it gets shot or damaged. What I’m talking about is a compact exoskeleton style system that would be potentially be used in place of a parachute

  22. Ye but it's the same working principle. But in der end it doesn't really matter bc we actually just thought you made a joke and we'l you didn't but it would have been perfect

  23. I don't know which I think is funnier, that people believe there is a god or that people believe america is great

  24. Even then, I said people and there certainly are people that believe that, and I still find that extremely funny. Didn't necessarily refer to you, but just to the fact that there is this opinion with people.

  25. There probably is even a picture somewhere of ghost also having a breaching shotgun or something of the sorts in hand

  26. Context: These are actual german KSK operators, it's a freeze frame from a video posted on an actual genuine YouTube Channel of the German Bundeswehr.

  27. Context: Calw is the home base of the german army special forces the KSK and they have a small visitor center or museum, in which you can find a poster of the local fire chief of calw, the poster reads "Because you [the KSK] are doing an important job"

  28. BFE+ was present, and i bet my ass there were some fine gentlemen from GSG9 sittin n' waitin for an "International incident"

  29. GSG9 was present as protection detail quick response force together with parts of PSA. Although I think they were also sent out to support in some arrests later in the night. They were very much in Hamburg tho.

  30. They shut down A36 (autobahn between Braunschweig and Wolfsburg) the other day to do a bit on road sting of violent hooligans

  31. Get your numbers right, 36 is between Braunschweig and the A14 at Bernburg, what you mean is the 39 and yes I am a Autobahn Nazi how could you tell

  32. That is so nice, neat, well appointed and just... awesome.

  33. The great benefit of Euro style Rigs produced my Rosenbauer, Schlingmann, Ziegler and the like... Extremely efficient yet ergonomic use of space.

  34. BW Manschaftsheim in stetten am kalten markt

  35. Have you considered ✨Masking up in the track while enroute✨ or even just ✨taking the few seconds time taking your gloves off so that you can ensure the mask is on safe✨

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