1. I think we all see the writing on the wall for Manchin and that seat. I firmly believe Ds come out of the 2024 elections with 50 seats, and again the VP will decide the Senate majority. With that said, I also believe Manchin's is that seat we'll lose; Sinema gets replaced w/ Gallego; and we otherwise get a repeat of 2022 with a full hold.

  2. I don't see Dems winning Montana if they can't keep Manchin. 51-49 for the GOP looks most likely. The GOP might be crazy but they have a big advantage in the Senate because they control so many states.

  3. From studying psychedelics to legalizing drug paraphernalia and residue, Minnesota's new drug policies reach far beyond marijuana.

  4. She probably should but Twitter is basically where AOC makes her claim to fame. She's most known for her tweets after all, and that's how she's built her popularity. It's the only platform where people can witness snappy exchanges so publicly between like her and Cruz, so I'm not sure where else she could go to be able to speak out as she often does.

  5. Maybe she could migrate to building her popularity by doing her job and getting any of her policy goals passed.

  6. No Dem policy goals are getting passed with a GOP House for now.

  7. The trouble is this is just widening the divide. The conservative states will go further into conservatism and liberal states will go the other way widening the gap.

  8. We're already heading there if we're not there already. The only real hurdle left to that happening is blue states often being too expensive to live in for many so there are some still stuck in the cheaper red states. But as rights are threatened people will naturally flee for refuge one way or another.

  9. There’s zero doubt it’s cheaper to buy a home in Texas than California. Taxes are not the only reason for red states being cheaper.

  10. We really need to do something to address rising gang violence. I know we shy away from it but it's a serious issue affecting a lot of young people and also hurting the economies of urban areas. Gun access is one aspect but entrenched poverty is another.

  11. A blue wave in 2024, including decent majorities in the House and Senate, would make this country much better. Perfect? Far from it. Better? Sure thing.

  12. Problem is a blue wave in the Senate looks almost impossible in 2024 just because there are no new seats Dems could take and they have to somehow hold on to seats in WV, MT, and OH. We could take back the House but we're very likely going to be stuck with at best narrow majorities and likely growing impatience.

  13. Great! Honestly the sacrifices are minor overall. Avoiding default is top priority and would be far worse than any of these sacrifices. Biden seems to have gotten a solid deal out of this and proven his leadership skills once again. I'm glad he doesn't just allow default to happen, knowing how chaotic and perhaps apocalyptic that could be.

  14. This is getting scary if it wasn't before. The GOP is stoking terrorism against companies now, encouraging these bomb threats on Target which threaten not just LGBT people but everyone there. They're seriously trying to push deep civil conflict over this and I can't help but think genocide of LGBT people. I can't imagine they'll settle on just erasing them from public life.

  15. The issue on the state level is that the rich often just pack their bags and leave. This has already been happening in some blue states like New York and Massachusetts and can lead to drops in revenue for state programs.

  16. It's still early but there have been a few polls now showing Trump beating Biden. I know we dismiss these around here, as well as polls showing Biden's poor approval ratings, but we really shouldn't assume Biden has this in the bag. Whether we want to admit it or not, he's rather unpopular, and his age seems to be a big deal to voters. I know a lot of people say that it doesn't matter, that people will turn out to vote for him either way, but that might not be true.

  17. “Voters chose the GOP in 2022 for the House”. No, the GOP chose the GOP for the house. Gerrymandering is a crazy thing, and always becomes so obvious when you compare state-wide results with heavily gerrymandered results like House elections.

  18. The GOP won more votes total in House races. Yes gerrymandering is a thing but the GOP received 3 million more votes than Democrats.

  19. The House popular vote total is a meaningless metric only used by people trying to spin the results. It's affected heavily by which races have real opponents (or opponents at all) and which districts have other highly contested elections occurring at the same time.

  20. I don't know how you can spin the results to make it seem like voters didn't select the GOP for the House. You can blame bad campaigning or gerrymandering but ultimately those who voted favored Republicans when they could've chosen Dems.

  21. This is an unforced error. Uber's bluff should have been called, and Walz is creating unnecessary tensions between himself and the rest of the Minnesota DFL.

  22. Likely some lobbying or donations involved somewhere.

  23. I do think the White House has a communication issue too which will become a problem with the election. I think it's the reason his approval rating is so low. People just don't know what he's accomplished, and often he seems to be in the background rather than in the forefront of what's going on. I don't know exactly what he's doing wrong, but his agenda has definitely not gotten out there. Most people don't know about any of his accomplishments, which is unlike say Obama. Everyone knows about the ACA, but no one knows about the IRA except those really tuned into politics.

  24. A Democrat's approval rating will always be lower than a Republican's because Democratic voters have their own opinions and agency. Republican voters now just approve Republican things and disapprove of Democratic things. Since Democrats have the audacity to disapprove of members of their own party and Republicans lack the spine to to do otherwise, Biden gets lower approval ratings.

  25. To win in 2024, Biden will need to turn out both Dems and independent voters in swing states. That'll require at least some communication of his agenda. Being unpopular overall could certainly lead to people staying home or voting 3rd party. Voting Trump isn't the only other option.

  26. Housing prices still up. Food prices still up. Middle class still shrinking. Upper class still growing. None of this is sustainable.

  27. Some housing prices are down. They've dropped quite a bit out West particularly.

  28. Apparently they have gone down quite a bit there according to

  29. Basically a major union has launched a recall effort after a Dem House legislator because they voted against a pro-union bill recently:

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