1. Sylvia Novak sounds like a parody account based on those three tweets, but I guess it's possible she really is that insane.

  2. This room ( 8 rocks/pots/shrooms/skulls in this position) means its a double item room

  3. But on the plus side, you're on your way to unlocking scissors...

  4. Me especially when getting Curse of the Blind on Basement II or Depths II or really anywhere, but especially those levels.

  5. Why not wear a mask outside for warmth if it's freaking-6? They were useless for Covid but if you're carrying them around anyway might as well use them for things they're useful for. I remember I did put my stupid covid mask on a couple of times during a hike when walking through an area with a billion gnats

  6. So glad I live in America where I can get all the boosters I want.

  7. Sounds like pretty much everywhere that had mask mandates, honestly. The Politicians and experts who were so big on them never wore them themselves if they thought no one was looking.

  8. I never mask anywhere other than the doctor's office because they force me to, but I haven't been getting sick at all either. Explain THAT, maskers.

  9. It's frankly pretty disgusting that they still require masks to attend the show now, in 2023.

  10. Yeah, but everyone on every side of every debate does this exact same thing with regards to things, people, and situations they don't like, so honestly, I don't want to hear it.

  11. 4. Solidarity: Masks give the perception that we're all in this together, that we're actually doing something. Even if masks aren't proven to do anything, it gives us the psychological edge needed to fight this thing.

  12. I also suffer from ASLC. It's horrible. If only those selfish bastards had just gotten vaccinated and agreed to wear a mask at all times forever, none of this would be happening.

  13. I triple-mask whenever I use my gas stove. It's that important.

  14. They're not even hard enemies. They're just a huge hassle to deal with, especially in big rooms.

  15. I know there's a glitch/fail safe. That if you are very small you can glitch out of bounds in a crawl space and be sent too the error room. But don't think bethany or red has anything to do with it

  16. I think I also had Pluto. I've never been a big fan of Pluto.

  17. At least Rock bottom's really good...when it fucking shows up.

  18. It's something I pretty much always take whenever it's offered. Exceptions being, for example, an Angel room that offers a choice between a flight item or something like Sacred Heart.

  19. It is on rumble. A few of the larger platforms (like reddit) outright block/shadowban rumble links now, though.

  20. That's her (their?) opinion. Frankly, I feel the opposite. I put up with it in 2020 but the more time passed, the less I could stand any of that bullshit.

  21. I’d find a way to explain how I don’t have any of these. “I don’t like taking shits in public restrooms because it gives me anxiety”.

  22. "I'm wanted in several states so passing police officers gives me severe anxiety, too."

  23. I think Sweden probably had the best pandemic response, myself.

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