1. who else saw bam get upset with that reporter guy

  2. why doesn’t F1 do split screen for replays. it’s wild that they don’t do this

  3. did everything ship in your order or only part of your order?

  4. my day 1 order on the summer drop just shipped. but they only sent 1 of the 7 items. 😔

  5. still no shipping for me :(

  6. legit no one knows. adidas is not great at communicating

  7. Boost 700 V2 Tephra showing up on my adidas app, but again shows error when trying to select. So they might be next after these last 3

  8. what is happening right now lol

  9. why is hamilton doing this to us?

  10. Man these Germans are good poker players, no reactions on Mick and Toto’s faces

  11. legit stone cold face lol no emotion

  12. unpair. reset. and regroup. it’s what worked for me

  13. Are we about to see Russell struggling and Hamilton loving the new concept?

  14. wow! great shot - i see my apartment! over @ moment on Grand/McClurg!

  15. Can someone tell Me how to get them? I want some slides

  16. those clearly arent loaded/dropping yet

  17. i’m a 32 usually and went with small. hoping for the best lol

  18. Sucks that all the pieces I've looked at don't have specific sizing, just the generic size chart.

  19. Okay I need to know there not gonna start to actual lottery right at 8 right? Cause if so I so fucked up my dinner timing

  20. its on ESPN. i feel like they wont start the actual lottery until like 920p lol EST

  21. top 3 baby!!!!! CMON STONES!

  22. check pricing on IG. they list the prices

  23. Mega threads for major releases always! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  24. Klay and Curry are such great shooters even their misses look nice.

  25. yo but like for real tho

  26. thank you for allowing us to grow!

  27. these are my daily’s at the moment 👑

  28. i hate that the stands are basically half full

  29. From beginning to end, I think that was an all-time episode of Inside the NBA lol.

  30. just an outstanding show tonight

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