1. Nothing but respect for Ibrahimovic

  2. Honestly this kills the spirit of the game

  3. Pioli out? 5 in a row without a win in the league, if you add Torino in Coppa and the Supercoppa loss that makes it 7 in a row without a win in all competitions.

  4. Is this the longest we’ve gone without conceding in the past 4 games?

  5. How is Thiaw not getting a chance over Gabbia

  6. What happened man. I thought that Milan was back to a top level again

  7. We got lucky last season + injuries this season

  8. This makes me feel only slightly better

  9. that isn't sad though. Milan are in a slump, which is pretty normal for teams at some point in a season. The scorelines are bad, but apart from that everything is still open. The reactions on here are so overblown. You need to give him time to figure out how to fix it. Its the same guy that just had 2 great seasons and was looking like the anti-napoli until just a few games ago. everyone needs to relax, he has earned the right to some time here.

  10. Pioli has never "fixed" his team after they implode, and they have always imploded. This isn't a slump, it's a pattern.

  11. Pioli also never won a trophy till last year, and hes been at Milan longer with good performances than he achieved elsewhere. This "pattern" you are talking about is a few games long and nothing in comparison to the good ones hes had. He 100% deserves time fix it.

  12. This pattern has existed for every team he has coached in Series A and the Scudetto win was as much as I hate to say it, a fluke. He will stay until the end of the season, but cries for his resignation are not unfounded.

  13. Imagine giving up on this team. I have full faith in their ability to get even worse. Show some faith.

  14. I was about to downvote but then I read the whole thing

  15. Thank you for making me laugh in a difficult moment

  16. Seriously what did Vranckx, Thiaw and Adli ever do to Pioli? Cannot be worse than today or this month

  17. That was fucking horrible, this feels like a fever dream. Pioli needs to get Rebic off before he gets a red. If he has any balls, he would take off Tata too

  18. We know both of these things won't happen

  19. Some Milan fans out in full force trying to push some misconstrued narrative. I don't even know why considering paying 20m for him is already probably not even a good idea. They should be hoping he goes to bournemouth.

  20. We are, don't worry. But rlly anything to boost our current squad would be a godsend.

  21. I had a dream we won 4-1 against Sassuolo and CDK scored

  22. Even in your dreams we can't have a clean sheet lol

  23. It looks like OP posted an AMP link. These should load faster, but AMP is controversial because of

  24. Di Maria has played with some of the greatest players of this time and always shows up.

  25. Need Ibrahimovic to turn him into a mentality monster

  26. Honestly, im cheering for Lecce at this point

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