1. My favorite color! It’s a bit rustic but way better than I could do

  2. Isn't honey vegan? Like, it's not like eggs or milk where an animal is harmed to eat honey. And bees aren't animals anyways, they're incects... idk honey seems like something you should be able to eat as a vegan.

  3. Honey is not vegan bees are animals, honestly wild that people still don’t think insects count

  4. Because you can love someone but know you’re better off without them

  5. the comments are a wonderfull microstudy on why the debate will never be settled, prolifers think the other side wants to have abortions as a hobby, and prochoicers dont understand that prolifers think (at the very least) that youre literally killing babies.

  6. Then there’s me who kills actual babies as my hobby. I feel like I’m a good middle ground,

  7. I’m pro choice, and I think abortion should be used more sparingly too, which is why I support the fuck outta planned parenthood..

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