1. Every date you're going to see is a placeholder, unless the checklist has been released. Just don't assume any of the dates are firm.

  2. 2022-23 Series 1 was released on time. Not a single delay.

  3. S2 was only a month late, and Extended looks to hit its release. I believe OPC hit its intended release date too. These non auto products aren't having difficulties being released.

  4. I was wondering if somewhere in the fine print it was can’t do a card until their first regular season game, which I hope isn’t the case.

  5. I know Cale Makar had his YGC in 2019-20 S1 after he debuted in the Playoff. If I had to guess one way or another with that in mind, I would imagine Kartye would get a YG for S1.

  6. Named HockeyAllsvenskan’s 2022-23 Goalie of the Year and Rookie of the Year after leading all goaltenders with a 1.86 GAA and seven shutouts

  7. Man how much more dumb shit did Ja do that we don't know about yet.

  8. What’s happened with him? 2nd rounder in 2018 and he hasn’t sniffed the NHL yet.

  9. Trent Cull thought playing him at forward would help his development.

  10. That's just an extreme hot take. Even before this run, Bobrovsky has been playable for the duration of his Florida contract. That's much better than guys like David Clarkson, Loui Eriksson, Andrew Ladd, and many others whom were negative value liabilities virtually from the start of their contract through to the end.

  11. Keep the true rookie from SPGU. It will likely have more of a legacy factor attached to it than the Skybox one.

  12. I don't have one, but I'd love to acquire some. The novelty of knowing there is exactly only one particular piece is neat to me, especially if it's been signed.

  13. Maybe they should have spoken louder so they could hear each other more clearly.

  14. One of the best players in the Hall of Very Good IMO. Aside from the first post-Lockout season and his 40 goal Wild year, I don't think you can sell him as being one of the top guys in the League. His stats overall don't really jump out as being HOF worthy in comparison to players around his time.

  15. Chris Pronger had his career end on a stick follow-through more or less. Similarly, Johnny Boychuk had to hang it up cause of an eye injury.

  16. Just tip whatever you think is appropriate. If you don't think it's worth a tip, fine. If you think it's worth a tip, great. The Earth is still going to rotate the next day regardless of however much you end up tipping.

  17. Changing the expected work hours for East Coasters?

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