1. You could also try the C# key on the foot joint instead of the D# key. I usually use middle finger F# + pinky on the C# key if it needs to be soft.

  2. Third option: w/ right hand pinky AND slightly venting 2nd trill key. I use this all the time for soft E’s. Otherwise, I use the other two almost equally depending on the situation.

  3. I’ll have to try this at flute choir!!

  4. Definitely!! Only vent the trill key a tiny bit, otherwise it’s too sharp and hollow sounding

  5. Making the students laugh. Idk 🤷‍♂️. Seeing them smile, relax, and have fun is the best.

  6. I can get a decent amount of giggles from eleven year olds in the right situation. Makes the comedian in me happy.

  7. Is it not an option for the 50% to stand until the student has offered more than 50% of the work?

  8. You need to post the rest of the music, we can’t tell from this.

  9. not sure how useful that would be, since it's the end of the movement.

  10. Does the next movement say anything? You shouldn’t play anything from “1. only” until the end of the movement

  11. Since high school I’ve been trying to locate a piece of music called, I think, “The Valdez”. I can’t find it anywhere on YouTube or anywhere else. But I loved this piece and especially loved playing it. Now I feel crazy like it doesn’t exist lol.

  12. What sort of ensemble was it written for? There’s a march called

  13. AWESOME! I’m so glad that was it! I get that trumpet solo stuck in my head all the time.

  14. 2. Sorry, Alex, I’m not taking on any more students right now.

  15. Your emails are needlessly complicated and wordy. Stop trying so hard to sound smart

  16. Proud of you for not letting it get to you, and for calling them out!

  17. This is creepy, this piece was suggested on YouTube today and I listened to it, and then my coworker was listening to it, and now I’m seeing it on Reddit. Get out of my head!!

  18. This sucks but also they want the reaction, don’t feed the troll.

  19. I really don’t think the kids wearing them were entirely aware of what they were supporting. I just asked where they got them (another kid I didn’t know)

  20. I’m one of those rare people that vote D up and down the ballot but I really like school choice.

  21. Everyone’s voices just blended together through the pain. Every breath Indy took was wracked with pain. His lungs burned but at the same time, it felt as though he was drowning. And when he coughed, he coughed up blood.

  22. Bast’s threats are like a more beautiful and sophisticated version of Schmendrick’s threats. Quite a joy to read.

  23. No offense to crossover peeps, but I usually exclude them. Probably because I prefer stories that feel like they could take place within the original story. I also avoid AUs for that reason

  24. “Bismarck. Look at me. Listen to me, dammit. It’s not your fault. I wanted to protect you. I wanted to stay on the field despite the damage.”

  25. I love that I can see the screenplay with this one. No clue about the context, but very gripping and cinematic

  26. I think the best place to breathe would be right before the a tempo at measure 71. It will also make perfect sense for the phrasing. Definitely practice taking in really large breaths. Playing softly helps conserve air, so pay attention to those dynamics.

  27. I agree with this. Also, if extra breaths are needed, I always suggest not breathing at the peak of a crescendo.

  28. I’ve always thought Db major is a “cozy” key. Gb even more so!

  29. I would have such nasty things to say to anyone implying I'm leaving "too early."

  30. Incorporate famous/important people from history into your curriculum that fit who they don't like. Find which pop culture icons meet these criteria and work them into class and after explaining why they matter, drop the "bombshell" that they're a minority or a Jew or LGBTQIA+

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