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  1. Really? Addison Rae’s beauty line? I’m beyond obsessed with their lip quips I legit have like 8 of them lol

  2. Also, true morninga shea for 3.99 is a STEAL! I love it and I received it months ago when it was more expensive

  3. The coach earring set for 7.99 is a GREAT DEAL! I received it months ago in my FFF box and I absolutely love them!!!! for 7.99 that’s an amazing deal coming from someone who has had them for months and still absolutely love them !❤️

  4. Not a fan of this concealer at all ! Received it in my Huda GBX all the way back in November

  5. **Must read - When I was in ULTA this week to get my eyebrows done at the “Benefit Brow Bar” My brow technician who’s been doing my brows there for over 2 yrs, I was excited to show her the BENEFIT brow styler pencil/powder duo I received in my June GBP! She immediately looked confused and told me that BENEFIT has DISCONTINUED that product !! She pointed to the sale sign directly above the product and said that’s why ULTA currently has it on sale, to attempt to get rid of their remaining inventory. She said it’s extremely odd that IPSY would include the BENEFIT eyebrow pencil/powder duo in their JUNE GBP knowing that it’s currently a discontinued product….🤯🤯 And yes, I did get a replacement of the Benefit Brow Styler Duo sent to me.

  6. It said if I paused my July GBP then I wouldn’t be receiving a GBX in august? Which I never heard of

  7. After how many months of dating did Pete Davidson propose to Ariana Grande?

  8. How much is an unseen Kim Kardashian sex tape worth that she’s had hidden under her bed in a NIKE shoebox all these years?!🤔💭

  9. Similar situation for me !! I got 2 of the FAB toners, 2 of the KEYS serum, 2 of the Sunday Rileys, and 2 of the Tarte concealers!

  10. I have 2 of them if anyones interested! (I don’t use eyeshadow)

  11. I was wondering how this palette is , if anyone has it? Some how Ipsy accidentally sent me 2 of them (neither which I ordered) (which is awesome, everyone loves free shit) lol so now I have 2 of these palettes brand new… are they any good - or should I give them away? Anybody have any opinions??!

  12. I wouldn’t have contacted them! Lol I’m horrible 🤷🏼‍♀️ since their not going to make you send them back anyway! They’re yours girl, take advantage, it doesn’t happen often ! 👏🏼

  13. Just tell Cs they forgot your spongelles, they’ll send them out or refund you. Don’t even mention anything about the toners, I def wouldn’t lol 🤷🏼‍♀️ since you won’t have to send them back anyway! Take advantage, it doesn’t happen often ! 👏🏼

  14. Does anyone else see the fact that IPSY really made the mistake of sending 3 toners in place of 3 spongelles?!! Really makes you wonder how dumb they are… I’m sure they aren’t even near eachother in the factory! Just shows good shit like this happens, but I feel bad for people that pay 50$ for something and get sent the wrong item worth like $10! Ipsy has been making mistakes way too often anymore🙄 One would think that’s what our “handling fees” would be used for!!!🤔

  15. I received that CT Lip Cheat in a previous GBX last year ! Can’t believe they still have them in stock from over a year ago.

  16. I think somebody else on here complained about the same situation. I think maybe the bins for these two palettes are mixed up or maybe just next to each other so there have been some issues.

  17. This happened the same ViseArt Palette shipped to me TWICE (after me complaining I STILL didn’t receive my Athr moonlight crystal palette, after they repeatedly emailed me saying it was being sent right away to me. Long story short I ended up with 2 of the Athr Beauty moonlight crystal Palette and 2 of those same Viseart palettes. Not mad about it lol

  18. I'm excited to get this, but was expecting the Athr Moonlight Crystal palette. when I was emailing them, the specifically said they were sending the Athr palette. But I've never tried anything from Viseart and the shadows look beautiful! I'm def not mad, just heckin confused! I thought maybe they sold out of the Athr palette, but it was still in a bundle that wasn't out of stock back in May. regardless, at least I got my 5th item for my May GBP!

  19. Same exact thing happened to me, they sent me this and told me I was getting the Athr moonlight crystal palette !

  20. What the heck! This was definitely $12 when I looked

  21. Same here. It was $12 for me too. So I didn’t buy it cause it wasn’t worth the $12 to me

  22. On May 16th, there was a POP-UP sale IPSY had, if you spent $40+ in that sale, they stated at the top they would include The Huda Setting Spray as a Free Gift gift. This month at the top of my screen when selecting GBP add-ons, it only said “I had $3.50 credit to put towards my add-on purchase” But it didn’t mention anything about a free gift for spending $40+ .. Did anyones?🤔🤔

  23. Am I the only one that sees this as no bargain? Correct me if. am wrong but it looks like the only two full sizes are the HA and the lip pop. So aren't we being asked to pay full price for the HA and they throw in a lip balm and some sample sized mins?

  24. Yessss I noticed that too !!!! I knew it was too good to be true. I guess that’s why they didn’t realease the sizes of the products until today….. they think their sneaky

  25. If you had the ! Then yeah it looks like you are, this just started for me last month and then I had it again this evening, I just hit charge me now and it went through so idk, I'm not sure any of us really know what's going on with it

  26. On my IPSY timeline it has now moved to 6/02 IPSY MATCH. And it says “Upcoming Events: Glam Bag Plus Personalization” “We’re using your profile & reviews to pick the best products for YOU” And at the bottom it shows a photo of the bag and says “WE’RE MAKING YOUR GLAM BAG PLUS” “We’re picking out products for you. We’ll email you as soon as your bag is ready.” It did not show the exclamation point this month.. but back in March and April It did though, so I was just worried that was going to happen again🙄

  27. Yeah u shld be good, Ipsy is just an absolute mess here anymore 🤦🏻‍♀️😭

  28. Hey guys. I had this issue a few months back a couple times. I’m not sure if I have the same problem now. My home page currently shows a photo of the June bag and it says “YOUR JUNE GLAM BAG PLUS IS COMING SOON” “it will arrive between June 10-30th. We will email you as soon as your glam bag plus is ready” … does that mean i was billed??!

  29. She did it again when Sutton explained why she reacted poorly—which Kyle fucking asked her! “My house was broken into what I was 14, and my dad killed himself with a gun” Kyle: THIS ISN’T ABOUT YOUUUUU!!!

  30. Kyle also had her house robbed and they took every single thing she owned. Including jewelry her deceased mother left her when she passed away. As someone myself, who lost my mom when I was only 13, I can’t imagine how devastating that was for her. Every single thing her mother left her=ROBBED! Thankfully, Kyle and her family were not home at the time, so it’s not to the same extent as Dorit’s home invasion AT ALL! Yet Kyle never even mentioned/or brought up anything involving her own burgarly, which happened not too long ago. Instead she was there being a Great friend and supporting Dorit. But Regardless, having your home burglarized and everything taken from you is a major trauma you’ll have to live with forever, being able to learn how to feel safe in your OWN home again!!💔 Sutton was MAJORLY insensitive by saying “I had a rough morning too, Sorry I didn’t have a gun pointed at my head” that’s absolutely DISGUSTING!! Such a nasty, insensitive comment😤 Especially since she knew Dorit was begging for her and her two young childrens lives!!

  31. Lmao! It's like getting caught with tp stuck to ur shoes coming out of the bathroom!

  32. OH LORD, that happened to me!!! Casually just strolling out of the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to my heel😳 AND it was at a HUGE hall for a co-ed Baby shower, OF ALL PLACES!!!😂 I was Beyond embarrassed when a MAN told me, that I actually had to laugh at myself🙈 l was like Damn, I walked past multiple women and nobody said a damn thing!!!🫣 Now I ALWAYS check the bottom of my shoes before exiting the bathroom! LESSON LEARNED😅

  33. You’ll love it! Sephora had a sale of a pack of all 3 of the colors that came out and I snagged it for like 12.99 for all 3! Love love it!

  34. Love the Kat Burki!!! i Grabbed myself a few of them in my bag, hope you love it as much as I do!

  35. I didn’t get it 😭 It was missing from my bag and it’s gone now.

  36. My May GBX was delivered on May 9th. And my May GBP was delivered on May 10th (I get both)

  37. No tatcha is for the gb choice. But we will have it as an add on. Not full size tho

  38. Then I’m even more pleased I didn’t chose it as choice!

  39. Damn.. you know it’s prettty bad when I already own multiples of almost every single product for sale on here🙈🙈 Is it just me….or was anyone else really hoping to see atleast SOME May GBX products for sale in there??! #Disappointed🥺 #IpsyFail

  40. Nah. It always takes 2 months at least for the GBX products to go up for sale because they're so slow at fulfilling the actual GBX orders. And then they try to keep some of the product aside to correct shipping screw ups. So the flash sale is going on while they're still sending out some boxes, and people who *have* received theirs are contacting customer service about missing or damaged items. From what I'm seeing in GBX threads and reviews on their site, they sold out of a lot of the items, too.

  41. Yeah I noticed. Since they are still selling Hudas products from November 2021 GBX. 6 months ago now…

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