1. My only guess is that they assume you will create a mess and not clean it? I'm sorry they are treating you that way, though, no matter what their issue may be.

  2. Nope.. it’s just them being a holes.. sadly.. it’s sad all that love grew to bitterness.. it’s not worth it anymore

  3. You will be a good cook after lots of practice, trial, errors, reading, tasting. Are there times no one else is home when you can be alone to cook and cleanup? Does it make more sense to spend less time at your parents’ house and maybe take a cooking class?

  4. That’s just sad.. I’m sorry you never had a happy life

  5. It’s bottle of tuna and cut onion and salt and black pepper and paprika

  6. I don’t like aew but that’s too far man, I think they think they’re saints and people don’t talk when they book their show wrong

  7. Take the initiative If you dont it will remain like this for ever Tell them you wanna help around the house Insist on it I am also useless because of overprotective and lack of initiative Dont be me be better

  8. Every time I try to help.. it let to fight or them not listening to me

  9. Hey kiddo, your parents may have their own problems causing them to block you from learning in the kitchen. Those problems are not your fault or responsibility, but they effect your growth and learning and that sucks! You deserve patient, supportive space to learn at your own pace. Are they at all supportive of paying for cooking classes, or could you choose to take a class like that in school or an extracurricular program? Maybe even a part time job at a diner or a place you could gradually learn little cooking skills without pressure?

  10. I don’t know dad.. I’m studying and I don’t think I will able to get a job.. but I will try to find something in my college

  11. Hey there, learning to cook an important aspect of growing up.

  12. I don’t know dad.. it’s driving me nuts.. what i do they don’t like.. I’m sad confused and deeply hurt by them

  13. انتاج طعام والله هو الواحد اللى قبلي

  14. So have you tried doing other dishes, something more simpler? Like Betty Crocker brownies..

  15. She makes me wash the dishes another then that she doesn’t let me help

  16. You won’t be a failure. You’re cooking fish, not launching a rocket to Mars.

  17. You’re right.. she just unable to listen and I agree but what she did and say.. hurt me.. she don’t like my major so she’s will act like that

  18. There are some misconceptions about being scared that can cause pitfalls for the unsuspecting parent. We don’t want our children to be afraid, we know how big the world is and it can hurt to see your kids still struggling with the little things. Now where this gets difficult is in the parents response, they can either let you be scared, or help you. At least helping you is how they see it, but with a side of helping themselves.

  19. She doesn’t listen.. I’m sad how she acted it about it.. I love but she seem uncomfortable when I try to help or any of us (brother and sisters)

  20. Dad here. These cases are always hard to reply to. Believe in yourself. Also, grow a thicker skin. The world is incredibly harsh, and if you’re gonna start complaining and playing the victim card every single time someone barks a little at you, you’re gonna be a professional victim your entire life. Which is no way to lead a life.

  21. I see where you’re coming from.. but it bothered me..

  22. That’s sad to see how divided we are.. it’s the worst thing

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