1. There are passages in the Quran that dictate how your parents, family, friends and other Muslims should treat your apostasy. Be very careful. Your life could be in danger.

  2. Let’s not forget the Ted Cruz and Marjorie Taylor Greene are Gen X. We aren’t as unified as you think.

  3. Langen, Germany also had this same style of housing. I sometimes miss it, but do not miss not having A/C. Summers were brutal.

  4. So a few years back I traveled back to Germany and was able to visit this old Army post. It’s now a joint German/Chinese business park. A lot of it was torn down but all of the housing still exists. There’s a Chinese family living in our old apartment on the third story of the “Lowers”. The elementary school/hospital and gym were gone. A lot of folks that lived there worked at the old Borfink NATO bunker.

  5. Your planning station vendor should provide you with the ability to save your route in industry-wide formats. I’d start there. Perhaps there’s an upgrade or patch.

  6. My parents were all, “Reagan is the best!” So that’s what I knew. Got older. Got smarter. Started to be more compassionate and display real fucking empathy….. haven’t voted GOP in over 20 years.

  7. My grandfather’s old pipe tobacco jar. It was empty but always smelled amazing.

  8. I saw Journey a few years back with Foreigner. Journey was just 'meh' without Steve Perry. And they planned a number of songs I didn't know (I'm not the biggest fan). But Foreigner? They were amazing. I didn't realize how many Foreigner songs I knew and they just played those.... No rare B sides, no extended guitar solos.... just the hits.

  9. Again, I’d paying $9.99 a month to have a channel that just shows the first 4 years of MTV, commercials and all, in order.

  10. One Ocean needs all the help it can get, Fuck OO.

  11. Leave it as in and drive around town and pick up little old Korean ladies

  12. West coast is more chill. The job doesn’t have to become your personality Take advantage of every opportunity to do different, weird, crazy things… no one else is going to walk up to you at 19 and say, “Let’s go board that processor at 3am in the Bering sea and count boxes of fish.”

  13. Honestly, it’s just practice. I recommend finding a font that you like, then getting a pen you like and a notebook to practice. Then just do like you did in elementary school - practice the same letters and words over and over. 15 minutes a day for a month will make a world of difference. I’ve learned Library Hand font, both

  14. I saw a guy that makes and sell handmade custom pen and pencil sets. Orders speciality woods…. Matches and then lathes them and puts in the hardware…. Seems like a chill hobby…. Rainy Sunday, out in the garage, little weed, little music, making pens.

  15. Beautiful I love the lighter bits where the sun shines through the water.

  16. Came to say this. The front translucent wave is dope

  17. It’s a shame that popularity and fads have ruined the themes of many traditional sailor tats. Use Google to help you refine some ideas. Find a top notch artist. Give him the leeway to be creative. Never pick a tattoo from the book at the front of the shop. Never bring in an image from the internet and ask for a copy. Give the artists some ideas… have conversations. Ask for a sketch and offer suggestions.

  18. She represents the people in her district. And that’s all that can be said about that.

  19. I wouldn't know but holy crap, it looks scary as hell out there.

  20. Over two decades I could have cared less who married us or where. The pastor was a liberal luthern and friends with my sister. We did it right after Christmas so the little country church was fully decorated. We did it at night and the pastor's wife and daughter played piano & cello. He knew we weren't religious and God was barely mentioned. Not all pastors are pushy... some just see two adults in love and perform a ceremony that is meaningful for the couple's friends and family. We only had about 15 people and they joined us at the altar for more than half the ceremony... laughing and crying and holding hands. It was beautiful.

  21. I don’t know if these are people I should know, but the girl in the middle looks like Frankenhooker. (Too vague?)

  22. I’d pay $5 a month for the first three years of MTV on a loop - commercials and all.

  23. Jesus H Christ. Congress should withhold your pay based solely on your inability to type a coherent sentence.

  24. Insulting another's grammar yet you forgot the "d" at "based." Shit troll.

  25. We bought a little home in Cayman Brac a while ago. It’s the only place in the world where I’m truly relaxed. 100% checked out. Zero stress. The most chill place.

  26. The music is definitely aimed at Gen-X….. we’re the old folks in their demographic

  27. A guy put a still hot iron into his locker just as the CC walked in. CC saw the still opened locker and, not realizing it was just unplugged, reached in and grabbed the iron. He didn’t even screamed. Just walked out. We stood there for an hour. Later, another CC came in, had the iron guy pack his bag and left with him. We never found out what happened to him.

  28. Pagans? Really? I’ve never had exposure to organized pagans operating in public. What have I missed out on? Honestly.

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