1. I'm pretty sure that tea was for you. We have plenty.

  2. Well, it infuriated me when I thought it was a holder to keep your baby entertained. Sadly, 95% of parents at parks are glued to their phone and not engaging their kid. Now that I know it’s actual purpose I think it’s cool.

  3. You think its cool? You post this in mildlyinfuriating and now you think it's cool?

  4. Never had this problem. Ehm. Read more fanfics for inspiration and the lingo, I guess.

  5. Hey man, you literally just saved my life. I've been on one big degenerate story binge for 7 hours now.

  6. He's said to be the warrior of the pyre so I assume he's killed some people and most of that is the abyss influencing humans

  7. I get this a monke post, but cmon people, Yujiro annihilates him without even thinking.

  8. Downvoted, reported, limped your opinion.

  9. It's implied he knows every essential to the Niko Style, but I believe he refuses to use Niko style solely because he despises tiger (?) For some reason I got that implication, I can't remember if its ever stated directly, but the evidence isn't too lacking at all.

  10. every fighter knows the niko style moves because they watched ohma use it back in the KAT

  11. Kuwabara unironically has the most powerful weapon in the entire series. That being said, Four Saint Beasts Kuwabara neg diffs Kengan and Baki.

  12. I'm only downvoting because you mentioned it, don't worry.

  13. I mean let's be actually real here. The few living Niko Style masters we've seen are absolute monsters.(Tiger and Ohma's niko) Their students are also fucking monsters. (Fei, Ohma, Kanoh, etc etc)

  14. I'm glad everyone gave permission for them to take and sell your data. ; )

  15. Just say "No u" and they'll literally shit themselves in anger. Then go /dnd right after; they'll literally cry themselves in defeat.

  16. I don't know how but somehow I read "sentenced to death". I almost thought the title was clickbait because the article only mentions jail time

  17. Homie, the moment Bando got his hands on Hanafusa, he snapped his neck backwards. Hanafusa is only alive because he prepped his body with mods.

  18. Edward and "underrated" don't belong in the same sentence.

  19. Scuttle is the dredge play for ice mines, which is also the only place you’d ever pick dredge over BK/Drog

  20. Mingle with friends more and find hobbies you can share. Think of if as distracting your mind, your body will be too tired go want go voice in for a walk and your mind will be focused on the new subjects of interest. Over that time, drop your porn, delete your bookmarks, toss your videos on a flash drive and hide them

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