1. Damn all dogs winning for women fight

  2. This reminds me of Gucci Vs Caldwell 2. Caldwell lay and prayed but Gucci was active in the bottom and won

  3. Everyone but Big John has this 2-0 black ice right?

  4. Yes, but a very underwhelming 2-0

  5. https://imgur.com/a/eufhlcU

  6. Okay, let’s get him a top 10 fighter please

  7. Holy shit, getting Stiller on plus odds was a fucking steal. Domination from start to finish.

  8. I was considering doing that but got cold feet. Wasn’t Stiller a top state wrestler and bjj black belt? No brainer given how green Henderson was too

  9. I think black belt in judo and brown on bjj as well as wrestling credentials. One to look for

  10. How many proper strikers do you actually have now though and what are the positions that actually need new players?

  11. Maybe they need another winger?

  12. Is it anywhere in your companies policy? Usually companies say it will not be paid if your don’t use it.

  13. Crazy to think he was a waiter for a lot of his UFC fights and was cracking these top guys

  14. There was no beef, it was jj being a cunt.

  15. How do you think you’d do against Cane Velasquez in a grappling match?

  16. I think you’d be surprised

  17. Best type of People are like Robin. Those who can assess a situation and act on it. No hesitation and the definition of a bro.

  18. Imagine this happening to Southgate lMao

  19. Dana must have promised to triple his pay for that Shavkat fight or something

  20. I think going the distance is the value here

  21. Usually companies give a basic reference to avoid any wrongful comments. Something such as:

  22. it’s Clams Casino - motivation

  23. Le cut inside man: English edition

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