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  1. Dude if your dr is forcing you to be on birth control bc they think 8 a year isn’t enough, just stop taking the birth control. Studies have shown there’s no increase risk of cancer or anything unless you’re under like 3 a year, fuck that dr

  2. Marzipan. It looks pretty. It's made to look like the most delicious fruit ever. Actual taste: chalk.

  3. How did you make the eyes and mouth and stuff?


  5. Can anyone explain why I have to dirty up a separate pot to heat up the beef broth before adding it?

  6. That was cut off way too soon, and I award you no points

  7. My grandma was a librarian and when she’s traveling, rips out what she’s already read and leaves it behind to save space. There’s no right way to love a book.

  8. I’m sorry to tell you this but your grandma was a psychopath

  9. There's burgers at McDonald's for under $2. Drinks of any size are $1. I'm in the Minneapolis area

  10. My McDonald’s is 2$ for a mcchicken and higher for any hamburger

  11. That spider crawling along the train’s undercarriage trying to catch Fievel gave me nightmares for yeeears!

  12. See for me it was the tumbleweed song. Weird, I know, but it was creepy to me as a kid.

  13. Wtf why has it been colorized so he looks like a plastic doll

  14. I don’t even like this kind of dog and I am in love with this dog

  15. The acid in tomatoes would break the cream anyway, i doubt it's used here

  16. There are so many sauces that combine tomato and cream

  17. looks like flour eggs olive oil, tomatos salt pepper basil, mozzarella and parmesan cheese

  18. I’m gonna grab the wrong type of every one of those and end up with a monstrosity

  19. If it was out first time, a natural reaction would be to watch still, trying to understand what's happening. As you said, it would be something between you and the whale, not between you and the camera recording. You only act like that if you are in the entertainment industry or if you are seeking for attention. I don't care about her, she is free to choose, the problem is people like that ruin the experience for others.

  20. Dude, that’s your natural reaction. Other people are more excitable, or react more physically. Your whole argument is based on this idea that all adults react to immense excitement in the same way. People are different, even after they grow up.

  21. Pretty sure he's calibrating his meow pitch

  22. we're just.. TWO LOST SOULS SWIMMING IN A FISH BOWL!!! *cries*

  23. I’m literally crying just from reading the line goddamn

  24. Holy moly I couldn’t do that in a week

  25. And you wanted reddit karma, so you wholesale copied this ancient thing, title and all

  26. This has to be satire for the kid’s language alone

  27. Man, no love for the short stories yet, huh? For my two cents, I think King shines best as a writer in his short story collections. Skeleton crew, night shift, the Bachman books, are all some if my faves

  28. “No Timmy, your first attempt at making cookies are NOT good and in fact taste awful. I will throw them away as soon as I can. Furthermore your drawing of the family dog was incorrect anatomically, making it indistinguishable from a blob. I did not know it was the dog until you said so.”

  29. I don't live in America so for me the Wizard of Oz aren't fucking real?! But for those that live that nightmare. What happens if he let it hit him? Does he fly away or stay inside it?

  30. Depending on the power of the tornado, either nothing, or he gets sliced in half by flying debris, or it picks him up and throws him literally a mile away

  31. I have a friend that has a cadaver skeleton in her garage. It is currently propped up on a sofa wearing sombrero. Is this illegal?

  32. It’s actually a lot easier to buy a rando’s skeleton than have them release a parent’s corpse to you

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