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Parents mourning their 18 months old child who died because of shelling, Ukraine, March 2022 [credit CNN].

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  1. "why don't you go take some pills and die like your mama did" -my dad when I was 14.

  2. Wow. I am so sorry that’s an awful thing to say.

  3. Drunk as hell I told a cop he looked like a child beating cocksucker, after punching out my living room window and cutting my thumb. Cussed out the EMT's trying to bandage it up

  4. The toy is pretty bright I can see why that would be center focus, there's a butt plug (never used, was a gag) and some "brass" knuckles in there too. I dunno what else they're called.

  5. I love the knuckles tbh your drawer is a vibe (no pun intended LMAO) but yeah be careful with the pills!

  6. Cause when someone needs me I'm always right there, when I've been at my lowest no one was to be found

  7. Swished my dad and stepmoms tooth brushes in the toilet and then put them back

  8. Hearing about some stupid shit you did while blacked out drunk

  9. My dad was like that. He’d say the most horrible, biting things about my mum, and if I told him not to say it he’d just laugh and be like “I’m kidding around!” But I thought it was so awful. My mom talked about how he was abusice to her when they were together but really I knew. I read a diary of hers when I was a kid which said he raped her. I never told anybody and it’s haunted me all my life

  10. I'm sorry you and your mom had to go through that, I know it's a lot to carry..no one should have to. my dad is still abusive at times to my stepmom and my youngest brother who still lives with them. He needs to get mental help or something. I'm 26 and have my own kids now but am still in ways trying to recover from the shit I went through with him

  11. I guess the worst part is I got on a lot better with my dad than my mom, he was kind of like my best friend growing up and I thought my mum was the worst. Our relationship was kind of weird. I’m worried I’m all kinds of fucked up.

  12. I get it. My dad and I still have a strong ish but weird fucked up relationship today. It got easier when I got older and moved out, but he's one of the only people I have left. I don't have much family, many of the people in my "family" aren't blood to me. Crazy how things go. Im all kinds of fucked up too friend.

  13. Deserves extensive brutal torture then execution. There is literally zero excuse for that

  14. Yeah I didn't really like how it blew up on this page. It's not interesting asf it's fuckin heart breaking and devastating

  15. I've seen some messed up shit whether it be gore or whatever else and apparently its the "reality of war." It fucking shouldn't be. This truly hurt me. I have 4 kids, oldest is 8 youngest is 2. I can't imagine this shit and my heart won't stop breaking for all of them..

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