1. They are both fine for me. Not chiellini or varane lvl but still ok.

  2. I thought i was ready for finishing his sbc day one, but i guess im short the 2*91s at the end. I guess i'll just stop playing the game since i dont have the energy to grind for his sbc. Maybe i'll pack him next year. See you guys.

  3. It's just RNG. You were very lucky to get a special in everyone that you opened the other day.

  4. I opened like 50 in a day. Finished gullit with them. Today it was just not it. Strange.

  5. I had to give 2 84s, and a couple 83s. It made me crazy as well

  6. 3 duplicates. FU. Its been two years, i still havent played with r10

  7. Why would you not grind the 33 tokens to get him from swaps?

  8. If it was moments, i would've grinded even 50 tokens for him

  9. I go crazy when they intercept my full powered crosses with a flying roundhouse kick. I can understand intercepting the ground passes, or shoots inside the 18. But im crossing from my own field, leave me the fuck alone man

  10. 2 keepers and puyol. And it's not even the worst thing. If this was repeatable 3 times, i know that i'd do it all over again.

  11. patrick vieira. I have eoae fernandinho, PIM mattheus, tots tonali etc. But no one can replace this beast for me.

  12. I don’t agree with it, but it’s to stop people trading wins as quickly in friendly modes I’d imagine.

  13. Dude its an extra 20 seconds just to score an extra goal. I doubt that's the reason.

  14. Chemstyles shouldnt give pace. At this point of the game some cards gettin 99 pace is ok, its july almost. But early in the game, 99 pace should mean 99 pace. 89 pace shouldn't easily become 99 with a hunter/shadow.

  15. I kinda like what you’re onto there. What if you just got 11 diff chem styles to use and you assign them to your team? Rather than buying whatever you want from the market and using 11 shadow chems

  16. Would be really nice, you'd have to think what to give to each player and could bring some juice to the game.

  17. Where did you find that arcade machine below Kazuya???

  18. Did 15, got 187 284 rest is 82-83 what is this drop rate man??

  19. How hard could it be to quit if you concede? Just leave man, you can be the better player, could have the better squad but if your opponent scored first and wants you to quit, why don't you just quit?

  20. Posts like this make me glad I went for the 84+ pack, 4 useless off-league TOTS > 1 useless Ligue1 TOTS :D

  21. I've got 87 di maria out of my 84*25 as the face card. So fuck that too

  22. All i wonder is, will there be trade? If not, then i'll finish the game once and delete.

  23. I've got 91 neuer out of the 84*25. Not even one tots, not even a shitty leauge one. Come on!

  24. and here I'm getting calhanoglu and savic. fcck this game

  25. why do we even bother? all blood and sweat and did 14 wins. Got calhanoglu and savic. Even an immobile would make me very happy.

  26. I've opened both of them by mistake. Good luck to you

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