1. Done 30 last night. Couldn't even get 84 rated. I suppose its nice to be you

  2. There is no option right now, other than short passing. Keeper always gets the ball, no matter how you cross. If they move the keeper, you are done.

  3. Pass man, toty is around the corner. Just make some icon you like

  4. Playing for 20 years, leveled 7 chars to 99. This is the only item i've never found. Cheers

  5. Its driving me crazy. I've got drogba and he is insane. I want them to change his body to original but i'm also afraid because right now with maldini body type he is really something else. I hope it will effect positively when they change it.

  6. Does he actually have a different ingame body type or is that just a visual bug? I suppose he doesn't have Maldinis stats, just looks like him, but does he actually behave like Maldini ingame?

  7. I'm not really sure man. Just played wl playoffs 6 matches 15 goals. I stop at 6 wins.

  8. I am going crazy over this. I open shoot target lines, one game its there, next game its gone, one game its there next game its gone. I hate ea

  9. Done 3 times, mid shwainsteiger, mid litmanen, mid baresi.

  10. Cant they just stop soft ban completely and give like a limit of golds you can earn per day? For example you cant earn more than 10k per day, by playing matches?

  11. Did the base or mid icon pack instead, and got mid schweinsteiger. Damn mea

  12. My settings are still not saved. especially FIFA trainer settings. I get the shoot indicator one match, and the next match i don't have it.

  13. Off countries are impossible to link, for example fofana, one of the best cbs in the game, but unless you run 8 players from ligue one, no way to link him. Dont get me started on icons...

  14. I've seen a lot of comments from people who experienced strange things trading in the Heroes crash today, please share them if you have them. For example, dozens of pages of Joe Cole seemingly disappearing from the market within 60 seconds.

  15. Was trying to buy kewell, i saw it went down to 105k, thought about waiting a couple minutes. Then somehow 5-6 pages of kewells got bought up to 250k in 2 minutes.

  16. They are both fine for me. Not chiellini or varane lvl but still ok.

  17. I thought i was ready for finishing his sbc day one, but i guess im short the 2*91s at the end. I guess i'll just stop playing the game since i dont have the energy to grind for his sbc. Maybe i'll pack him next year. See you guys.

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