1. The trolls seem to have a wise crack for every post but this 🤔 what’s the deal? Is the UK out of line? Or are they right and the US will follow suit soon? Or does The Science™ work different across the pond?

  2. Aww damn. Sad to see OP got deleted.

  3. I thought Comfort Ship meant something else.

  4. Australian ethics logic: "If we give her the heart and she dies of covid then we waste a heart, and hearts cost money, and losing money is bad, so therefore we are good. Right?"

  5. Almost all the COVID deaths in Australia right now were vaccinated.

  6. deny the unvaxxed medical care, saving the unvaxxed hearts for the vaxxed

  7. I don't want to be an organ donor in clown world. Don't even want to donate blood. They banished me from society but they want my blood?

  8. Because from a public policy perspective it would be a nightmare to enforce a vaccine mandate where you could just say “I already had covid” and the not have to get it. People might have thought they had COVID and been wrong, and then also you’d have employers having to like request medical records from people to prove it if they went to the hospital or something - it would be a logistical nightmare to implement. So the govt said everyone needed to be vaccinated regardless. Again, that isnt the same thing as saying it isn’t effective.

  9. Except that mass testing was going on and people literally had PCR results proving they already had COVID. Antibody tests can also prove they've already had COVID.

  10. Again, it’s about the public policy of actually establishing a mandate for everyone to get vaccinated. There are a ton of different ways someone would “prove” they had COVID, and some are more and less reliable. Additionally, getting vaccinated in addition to natural immunity is still better than if you weren’t vaccinated, so the policy was that you had to get vaccinated regardless. For example border guards aren’t going to be looking at whether there are 2 lines on a goddamn rapid test, they need a clear way to establish whether someone is protected - and that’s a vax card. So, once again, they weren’t saying natural immunity didn’t work, that wasn’t why vaccines were mandated.

  11. Are you telling me that the government could record people who had a positive COVID test as a COVID case, but they have no idea who has natural immunity?

  12. You mean we shouldn't be taking daily doses of Pfauci's Holy Elixir? Blasphemy!

  13. Things that are the same should be compared.

  14. Airbags are mandatory in some countries, right?

  15. Ye I got back from Thailand last week...Was great👍

  16. Trust me, it was a family holiday.

  17. Went to a martial arts training camp followed by tournament (son is athlete, and I usually act as his corner man, etc.)

  18. Kuala Lumpur is a very modern city if you're into that kind of thing.

  19. Praise Pfauci! Is there anything the Holy Elixir won't do?

  20. Smokers were said to catch COVID less than other people.

  21. Huh, that's pretty strange. Was there any proposed mechanism of action?

  22. https://www.twitter.com/kevinnbass/status/1625398727170203648?s=20

  23. https://twitter.com/kevinnbass/status/1625398727170203648?s=20

  24. The Covid experience taught half of the population just how dystopian governments can get.

  25. That's really optimistic. I'd say 70% learned nothing or doubled-down.

  26. https://twitter.com/kevinnbass/status/1625398727170203648?s=20

  27. Pfrodo and Samwise, the heroes of COVID Earth.

  28. Trump is still pushing the jabs because he doesn’t like to admit that he was wrong.

  29. What's interesting is, some of the COVID skeptic scientists were in Trump's administration. Why did Trump ignore them but keep Fauci and Birx?

  30. How much campaign finance money are Pharmaceutical Companies giving for his 2024 run? I support Trump, but it's always about money!

  31. She already looked like that in the latest season. Didn't you notice the constant filter on her face?

  32. He’s a narcissist and would never admit to something he championed being a bad or terrible thing. I say this as someone who voted for him twice.

  33. Kasi can la macha... They don't have a YouTube channel with enough subscribers.

  34. Old news. I think it's now the Chtulu variant.

  35. A guy with a BSc debunking scientists with PhDs.

  36. Why is it so hard to give us the data about the vaccination status of excess deaths when it's already digitized in many countries?

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