1. Jeff owes you a car. I believe it's parked out behind the Survivor Sanctuary.

  2. Sora is the only one from the original 8 that only has one solo card.

  3. I was getting so hyped when I saw that they had released a flying fire legendary that can give charge to allies thinking she'd have amazing synergy with Legendary Edelgard in arena ... then I realized that the breath effect she provides is redundant, and the charge effect only applies to flyers, lol. Really seems more designed for SD or AR D, the only people that would be able to fully leverage her in arena would be the whales with max invested flying duos that you see in the highest tiers.

  4. I can see her pairing well with Arcane Luin users, since one of the main losses when switching from Qiang is the Blade effect. Plus more SPD debuffs means better leverage with DR effects.

  5. Hilarity option: this works with the Blue cards IceDevimon and MarineDevimon.

  6. I don’t think ORGs would have been a thing when Adam Gentry was 12/13.

  7. true, but its gabumon and agumon theyre shoved into everything regardless at least this is less annoying in that we get stuff we didnt already have.

  8. That’s pretty important to note. Like, Tentomon has a mere 3 cards to his name, the last one of which was in EX1. And outside of ST4 Kabuterimon, he’s never been really relevant past like BT6.

  9. Gizamon, Gotsumon, Otamamon, Gesomon, Gekomon, TonosamaGekomon, Dokugumon, Vegimon and Vademon are all from the Vamdemon/Myotismon arc.

  10. Yeah that's true, I guess my head had it split from 'pre-Japan' and 'after return to Japan', but that would still include Gizamon and Gotsumon.

  11. Why do Reno and Desch FRs work? They don’t have overhead buffs, right?

  12. This is what's written in the description:

  13. Well that makes it easier then, I can just fall back on Reno if I need to.

  14. Man that Ignis costume is so tempting. His FFXV DLC was really good.

  15. They better give us Shirtless Gladio when it’s his turn, I swear.

  16. Would Beelstar want to play this, I'm not too familiar with the deck. Could be a good target to grab with Nail Bone or a sac target for Calling from the Darkness.

  17. It's a strong mill engine, but mills indiscriminately (instead of the pick-and-choose of Eyesmon), doesn't get you any draw, and is more expensive to evo and play. Could tech in 1 or 2 copies since it's a great Nail Bone target.

  18. Not bad. I don’t think he’ll make the cut in something like Beelstar or Beelzemon just because 3 is a big evo cost to pay for a level 4 who needs to attack to get full value but he’s got potential.

  19. It's a strong Nail Bone option though since he'll mill 3 just by being played. Probably not a 4-of but I could see him being a tech.

  20. Rallying Cry's Effect is one part a suped up version of her Fates Drive Buff and another part a reference to the Dragon Vein in the Hinoka Chapter in Conquest, where she drastically increases the move of all flyers.

  21. I always found that funny because she doesn't buff her retainers at all.

  22. I think it's mostly because, after 6 years, we've yet to get a Corrin using the Omega Yato (or any Yato besides the lame basic one), and people just want to see it in the game.

  23. Same reason as Levin Sword Robin, really.

  24. Confirms Hinoka as Conquest, at least.

  25. The problem is that the FR cancellation is VERY strict... Almost as worse as Balthier 6 man.

  26. That last condition makes it annoying, because otherwise you could use Desch or Reno.

  27. Well, that’s what you want to piece the deck together then. Digivolve into Panjyamon, suspend something, swing with piercing. Digivolve into SaberLeomon, unsuspend it and swing into something else with piercing, whether you pass memory or not. Has enough DP with the inheritables to be a solid threat.

  28. If you can gain memory back from saberleomon's eot attack, say from piercing an ACE Digimon, you can use cyclonic kick to go again.

  29. Assuming you're running a full Leomon package, Fist of the Beast King might be better; chances are you won't need to suspend and Pierce three targets (though it's possible), and it costs 2 memory less.

  30. For a character that does nothing half of the time it's amazing how she can keep up with some other hard hitters and on top of that draw some agro.

  31. Another foreshadowing in episode 1, when Bruce is being evacuated the editors made sure to show Yam Yam saying "we're going to bring it home for you", and that's exactly what happens with Tika dominating the season with Yam Yam ultimately winning.

  32. The only foreshadowing that's more smack-you-over-the-head is Lindsay in WA saying 'the winner is on this mat'.

  33. After reading the comments I see he is too likable to be a villain, but the way he played was certainly villain-like and he was always looking for ways to take advantage of people.

  34. It's funny whenever people say certain castaways are 'too nice to be villains', when several of the most celebrated villains, like Parvati and Sandra, are perfectly nice, lovely people.

  35. Well you have to consider the "vote for rearmed" crowd getting split 3 ways instead of 2 next time.

  36. I don’t think that’s strictly a fair split. Like with Engage you’re most likely pulling for the lance (or Alear fodder), but with Ophelia you’re more likely pulling for SS4.

  37. I wonder about that. One of Ophelia/Engage is winning the next round, I don't doubt that, but the next two banners would have Lucia and R!Tana. That's a difficult matchup, especially for Engage since Alfred's value has gone down a lot thanks to Arcane Luin and Alear would be competing directly with Lucia. And then you have the Felix/Ingrid/Rhea banner and Fallen in the round after.

  38. Alear is still very solid fodder value. Felix is juicier in my opinion, but Close Call 4 is great for any speedy infantry.

  39. Yeah with bt13 Salamon and bt14 Leomon it hits 11k which is a lv6 league DP so security survival s high too

  40. Problem is it goes back to being a 7k DP on your opponent's turn. But I guess it's only a level 5 so less investment in the stack.

  41. Probably a new SaberLeomon. I don’t even hate the old one with this new support, but there needs to be a way to guarantee deletion or something

  42. It's almost certainly coming with the Adventure connotations.

  43. I figured they were worth mentioning even with that, in case anyone wanted a few other fairly easy merges and were willing to wait.

  44. Ogma also has Atk/Spd Solo 3 for inheritance options, so people might want a copy of him just for that.

  45. Summer Ogma is unironically my favorite Lance infantry. What build do you run? I find him super versatile but haven't pulled the trigger on a GLR build because I don't know if it's better on a +1 Lyn 🤣

  46. There are a lot of ways to build speedy infantry units, right now I'm using Qiang/Finish 4/Close Call 4/Spd Smoke 4. Using Ruptured Sky in special because GLR is a few divine codes away.

  47. I have a Raines MLB and Edgar FR3, but my penelo and aerith are LD only. Trying to replicate this with other units like Garnet and Selphie but my damage output just isn't cutting it. I am using all 4 Force times and best I've managed is to just barely bet both under 20% (and actually that was with tifa)

  48. With Edgar, how many debuffs have you applied? It gets additional bonuses for each debuff you have on, so you only get the full 80% if you have 8 debuffs on the target.

  49. Isn't there a max of 6 debuff slots tho? I have just been relying on Edgar mostly, I'll try with Seymour or faris calls...

  50. It’s 8 slots for enemies, 6 for allies.

  51. Yes, but im not talking about cherrymon. I'm strictly comparing entmon and blossomon. Also, ent may have a worse digivolve effect, but since he can digisorb for 3, and cherry can only digisorb for 2, hes not really worse, as that 1 memory difference can truly make a difference.

  52. I don't understand what the debate is. The replacements seem fairly obvious. Most will use more cherrymon then there is entamon and pistmon for other disgizorb vegetation. Toropiamon and lilymon will be too slow.

  53. Or just wait til BT13 and use the Lilamon/Rosemon BM route.

  54. Well, I guess it can take the spot of 1 Blossomon in this list now that it has been restricted to 1.

  55. Bancho is a level 6 though, not a level 5.

  56. He's got to be able to compete with Satyr, so he'll need a lot from a FLB. Sub-All at the very least if he wants a different niche.

  57. Fire's been on a roll for a while, huh. Let's hope Agielba turns out well, he was one of my most important tanks as a baby Fire player, even more than Athena (who doesn't actually protect the team that much at low-end).

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