1. As someone who is what all of you would call a “Stan” this person in the tweet has a shit take.

  2. Ellie was awful in Part 2, but at least she’s exhibits remorse, something Abby never does.

  3. Who copied it? Walking sims had been popularized by Amnesia which is what inspired PT. Kojima fans will credit that motherfucker with inventing oxygen.

  4. Aye bro it’s okay I’m not mad I’m just saying stuff like visage and things like that took inspiration from pt god dang

  5. No worries. I just wish Amnesia got the credit it deserves. Although to be even more honest Fatal Frame should get more credit than it does.

  6. I get what you mean, still hope your excited for the showcase tommorow

  7. I’m actually annoyed at all the negativity I’m seeing. Ito and Yamaoka San are involved somehow. It’s most likely multiple games that are in development. Gans has confirmed a new film is in the works. Everything is going really well for us so all the “panchiko,” “don’t get your hopes up,” “disappointment transmission,” stuff is really annoying. True fans rejoice!

  8. Bro Fr I hate going on the post announcement on there cause of the people talking like that. It’s so stupid


  10. cant wait to become a tree with the gloves and shoes

  11. It’s been one year since I’ve been declared schizophrenic. Epic

  12. how can i play this game knowing this wont play at the end

  13. Bro I come out of a math test to see that super sonic boss leaked and second cutscene lol it got taken down before I could see it thankfully but holy fuck lmfao

  14. I didn’t see anything thankfully but from what I hear, the boss fight absolutely slaps

  15. Yah I’m seeing people on Twitter Say it goes hard which is getting me excitdd

  16. What what does that mean has someone gone in the meta verse and stole sonic :(

  17. Simply search in google images for the company that licensed this, it's called UNIANA.

  18. I’m pretty sure it was confirmed on the website that it was registered as a console game

  19. And why the downvote? reddit users btw, probably a company that only publishes pachinko games and mediocre eFotball publishes a new Silent Hill overnight. It is as easy as searching for UNIANA in google.

  20. Didn’t downvote you and there you said yourself they put out a football game meaning they release other things. They just publish games for Konami in Korea stop the cope

  21. I’d love to think it but the 🤡 makeup is going on

  22. Well time will tell my good friend (Konami please let my family go)

  23. Wait… they have your family too? Strange… I just got left a note telling me to go to silent hill 🤡🤡🤡

  24. this how i be after all the news we getting

  25. It just keeps getting better

  26. How I be looking at you after you hit me with one dollar pepper spray

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