1. It’s funny that what most of us dream of is what the people in power want us to do. Having children and living regular lives as law abiding citizens. Yet extreme greed and lack of regulation have made it impossible for most to achieve this dream. And then they keep asking why people are not having kids lol.

  2. Home prices where I live went absolutely crazy. We recently had a kid and are in a one bedroom apartment just making it work. What would be an upgrade, a small house or larger apartment, can’t be found for under 500k. An absolute mess of a house on 2280 sq ft of property hit the market this morning at $627,000, and it’s literally a shell. It doesn’t even have Sheetrock up. Just studs.

  3. We’ve had so many surprises in this house, it would be very much “in theme” 🤣

  4. Typically gas lamp fixtures were brass and can be stripped and refinished. It shouldn’t be an issue to do, but keep in mind that these may be still be connected to a live gas line somewhere down the line

  5. Look to be old gas lamp lines. Probably cut and capped off somewhere near the gas service in your basement.

  6. Lived in NYC for three years. You see something like that YOU GET THE FUCK AWAY.

  7. For what it's worth, Airbnb is actively trying to find and disable fake listings. The platform is built on trust, which unfortunately means sometimes bad actors get away with stuff like this.

  8. I believe it. The experience was insane. We did get a refund but no other coupons or whatever. Honestly I didn’t want anything except a place to sleep especially since the wife was 3 months pregnant and not too pleased to be in a bar for so long with all of our luggage… but for me and my buddy it was plenty fine.

  9. Yeah, I hate those refunds because you need to fight your case and then wait days to get your money back to your credit card. Meanwhile, you just have to pay again another place and have your credit card whit two payments and less credit. And then if you add time, cost of new place and moving expenses, getting your money back does not pay for all the problems

  10. Facts! This was a case of “fuck the money I need it”, like a cheesy JG Wentworth commercial. My buddy and his wife had been surfing in Ericeira all day, took an Uber, found out the airbnb was shit… so they were nasty. Wife and I had just driven back from Porto to find out airbnb was shit and she really, well, didn’t want to sit in a bar. Overall it was quite the experience. For one, it’s a story I’ll never forget, and definitely one we’ll tell our now one month old since she experienced this from the womb.

  11. As a full supporter of this clinic, my only question is how an abortion clinic does the dear dead lord’s work from the interwebs

  12. While they won’t find leaks, they will help locate underground facilities or pipelines. As ridiculous as it sounds, they really do work.

  13. Piggybacking for my two cents. Bourdain went to Porto and left some great tips. I put the link below. Wife and I were in Porto in August. It’s a wonderful place! Several people mentioned doing wine tours and they are entirely right. They’re amazing.

  14. I believe the intended conjugation is also a derogatory term.

  15. My neighbor survived the attack that day. He worked in the South Tower (second tower that was hit) and his story is insane, and I’m thankful he’s still with us today to be able to share his experience.

  16. There are so many stories like this. It’s horrifying. My father in law worked in south tower and was late to work because my sister in law gave him hell in the morning and he missed his usual train. He doesn’t talk about what he saw, but my wife says he walked home from Manhattan to their home in Nassau county (Long Island), covered in ash.

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